Grodan Delta Transplanting Cube

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A Grodan Delta Transplanting Cube is an easy way to transplant rooted cuttings or seedlings to your hydroponic system after having grown them to a suitable size.

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Grodan Delta Transplanting Cube

A Grodan Delta Transplanting Cube can easily transplant rooted cuttings or seedlings to your hydroponic system after having grown them to a suitable size.

These cubes have several attributes and features, and these include:

  • Suitable for NFT systems
  • Useful for Flood and Drain (also known as Ebb and Flow) systems
  • An inexpensive way to transplant seedlings and cuttings
  • Ideal for growing cuttings and seedlings before transferring them into pots
  • Very clean solution without a mess
  • Superb water retention and air-holding properties
  • The inert substrate is ideal for this purpose

How Do Transplanting Cubes Work?

Transplanting Cubes are inexpensive and inert. They also hold lots of water, so they’re ideal for providing a home for your seedlings and cuttings as they grow before transferring them to pots within your hydroponic system.

They are ideal for Flood and Drain (also called Ebb and Flow) and NFT systems. The cube sizes are either 3-inch or 4-inch, with small or large holes. The block size you want depends on your preferences and the type of system used.

There are distinct and compelling advantages to using stone wool as a hydroponic substrate as opposed to more traditional media. The water and air holding properties are much better, so it carries much more water than soil or coco coir for the same material. It’sIt’s also able to release this water much more readily than soil or coco coir, so the plant doesn’t use as much energy getting the water from the substrate. So you can use a smaller volume, and your plants still have more energy for their vegetative growth.

Such an arrangement is highly efficient. You’llYou’ll have control over how your plants feed because stone wool is inert and contains no nutrients; it’s like a blank canvas – you can make of it and add to it what you want. But that also means you’ll need to observe the EC and pH levels.

Whatever you give to your plants is what they get, as there’s no buffer stage when using coco or soil. But that won’t matter, as you can monitor these levels adequately and with better accuracy than most other media. As it is a stable and inert medium, your hydroponic tank’s pH and EC levels will be the same as in the stone wool block. Some growers even choose to put a syringe into the block to extract a sample of water – it’s that precise.

How to Use Transplanting Cubes?

You should treat and prepare your cubes before you start using them. Soak them in a low pH solution of around 4.5 for up to 24 hours; this ensures a more natural pH for growing in.

After doing this, you should soak them again in a nutrient solution of the required pH and EC levels you intend to use. The cubes are now saturated and need to drain water, so the young root system isn’t overwhelmed.

Avoid the temptation of squeezing the water out of the cubes, as this will be damaging to their structure. Leave them to drain until the water content reduces by about a quarter.

Make sure the plants are firmly rooted in the cubes before transplanting them to the hydroponic system’s pots or containers. Root your plants outside the system, ensure good airflow around them, and use air pruning to trim the growing roots. Please place them in a saucer or tray with clay pebbles at the bottom so they’re not sitting in water.

Leave the plastic sleeves on the cubes throughout this stage, as this helps prevent any light from getting at the roots (although you should remove these when you begin to plant out).

Pro Tip 1: Place the cubes around the right way if you move them to an NFT system. The underside of each block has channels that should match the water flow direction in your system.

Pro Tip 2: If you can, get a sense of the weight of each cube after each watering. Don’t water them again until they’ve lost about half their starting weight.


  • Dimensions: 3″/75mm or 4″/100mm
  • Hole Diameter: Small 1″/25mm or Large 1½”/36mm
  • Nutrition: Nutritionally Inert
  • Medium Type: Hydroponic

Where Can I Buy a Grodan Delta Transplanting Cube?

You can easily buy a Grodan Delta Transplanting Cube from our online shop.

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