Grodan Vital Rockwool Slab

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A Grodan Vital Rockwool Slab is the original hydroponic growing medium and is still very popular, particularly in commercial setups.

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Grodan Vital Rockwool Slab

A Grodan Vital Rockwool Slab is the original hydroponic growing medium and is still very popular, particularly in commercial setups.

The slab method is used a lot by commercial farmers in high-productivity settings when growing such plants as tomatoes or cucumbers or in large-scale production of flowers. Rockwool Slabs have several handy attributes, and they include the following:

  • They fit Aqua Trays and take up minimal height
  • Made of Rockwool, which is a superb growing medium
  • Several plants may be grown per slab
  • They work in an array to cover any given area
  • Works well in re-circulating or run-to-waste hydroponic systems

How Do Slabs Work?

Rockwool Slabs are lengths of Rockwool for use in a suitably sized Aqua Tray. Rockwool holds a lot of water and air, which is superb for fast rooting and growth.

Several plants may be grown on the slab, reducing the need for extensive pipework. Aqua trays contain a small number of plants spaced equally on a Rockwool slab placed inside it.

The nutrient solution is delivered to the plants through drippers at regular intervals; the excess nutrient solution is allowed to drain out of the slabs.

One of the benefits of this product is that they take up very little height, and you can use several side-by-side on a frame in what’s known as a “stadium” layout.

Using the Rockwool material as a growing medium gives you advantages over traditional growing media. The water-holding qualities are much more significant, holding much more water than coco or soil. It releases the water far more quickly than soil or coco can, meaning that your plants do not use as much energy deriving the water from the substrate.

If you are just getting started in hydroponics, why not check out our article, ” The Beginners Guide to Hydroponics“?

How to Use?

These Slabs typically work in Aqua Trays, sitting next to each other on a table or a frame. There should ideally be a slight slope towards the draining pipe end of the table. They also work in a V shape, so the side trays are higher than the middle trays and as close to the lights as the plants directly beneath, increasing the light efficiency.

Place a suitably sized slab into the Aqua Tray with the drippers near the plants. Connect the drippers to the reservoir containing the nutrient solution with a timer and pump also connected, plant the cuttings and begin the growing process.

How often you need to water the plants depends on several things. Your plants may not need watering for three or more days after being set up on the slabs. Once they’re rooted, you’ll need to increase this frequency and the EC to match your plants’ needs. You should expect a runoff of about 10% at each irrigation. You need to increase the irrigation frequency if you see less than this.

Where Can I Buy Grodan Vital Rockwool Slabs?

You can easily buy Grodan Rockwool Slabs from our website.

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