SuperTank Flexible Tank

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Discover the versatility of SuperTank Flexible Tanks, the ultimate hydroponic companion. Available in seven sizes ranging from 25L to 1000L, ensuring easy installation and maintenance. With a light-blocking design to deter algae and an overflow connection for spill prevention, they seamlessly integrate with most watering systems. Elevate your hydroponic setup with SuperTank – where flexibility meets functionality.

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Maximise Your Hydroponic Potential with SuperTank Flexible Tank – Space-Saving Solutions for Every Gardener

Are you seeking an innovative water storage solution that melds seamlessly with your hydroponic garden? Look no further than our SuperTank Flexible Tank, designed with the savvy indoor gardener in mind. These flexible tanks will cater to your space and size requirements and are available in an array of capacities: 25L, 50L, 100L, 225L, 400L, 750L, and 1000L.

Effortless Installation for Maximised Efficiency

Every hydroponic enthusiast knows that simplicity and efficiency are key. SuperTank Flexible Tanks are the epitomes of this, offering:

  • Space-Saving Design: Their flexible nature allows you to utilise spaces that traditional tanks cannot, providing a reservoir that conforms to your unique setup.
  • Overflow Prevention: The tanks come equipped with an overflow connection, preemptively tackling spillages and ensuring your gardening space remains pristine.
  • Compatibility: The tap’s push/snap-fit connection seamlessly integrates with most watering systems, streamlining your water or nutrient delivery.

How Does This Product Work?

SuperTank Flexi-Tanks are the cornerstone of convenience and functionality. Installation is a breeze – insert the support poles, attach the feet, add the top support rings, and voilà! You now have a robust, adaptable reservoir that snuggly fits into your chosen location. Fill it up with water or your nutrient solution, and you’re all set. Thanks to the non-translucent material, these tanks also minimise algae growth, keeping your water supply clear and your plants happy.

How Do I Use a SuperTank Flexible Tank?

Using a SuperTank Flexi-Tank is as easy as it gets. After setting up, connect the tank to your watering system using the tap provided. The flexibility of the tank allows you to position and fill it up with ease. When not in use, dismantling the tank for storage is just as straightforward, giving you back your space until it’s needed again.

Elevate Your Hydroponic Setup with Our Top Product Recommendations:

  • BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit 120x120x200cm: Transform your indoor gardening with this state-of-the-art tent kit. It provides a controlled environment, ensuring that your SuperTank Flexible Tanks function at peak efficiency. The high-reflective lining maximises light distribution, while its robust construction ensures durability, making it the perfect partner for your flexible tank.
  • Canna Nutrients Grow Kit for Coco: Complement your water storage with premium nutrition. This grow kit contains a complete spectrum of essential elements for your plants. When used with the SuperTank, it ensures that your water is not just a vehicle for hydration but also nourishment, optimising plant growth in your hydroponic system.
  • AutoPot XL 1-Pot Kit: Integrate effortless irrigation with this gravity-fed watering system. It’s ideal for expanding your SuperTank Flexible Tank’s capabilities, allowing for scalable hydration solutions that grow with your garden. The AutoPot XL works seamlessly with the flexible tank to provide a consistent and reliable water supply to your plants.
  • Silver Bullet Roots: Protect your hydroponic system with this powerful additive. It helps to prevent and fight off root diseases, which is essential in a water-based growing system. When added to the water in your SuperTank Flexi-Tank, it ensures a healthy root zone, which is crucial for nutrient uptake and overall plant health.

Each of these products operates in harmony within your hydroponic grow space, creating an ecosystem that supports vigorous plant growth and simplifies your gardening experience. With these additions, your indoor garden will be a testament to efficiency and productivity.

How can I buy a SuperTank Flexible Tank?

You can easily buy a SuperTank Flexible Tank from our website by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu.

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