AutoPot 1Pot XL Kit


The AutoPot 1Pot XL Kit is the perfect hydroponic solution for growing large plants. Its gravity-fed watering system provides consistent and efficient watering, while its customisable design makes it easy to fit into any growing space. Plus, it’s water-efficient and requires very little maintenance.

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AutoPot 1Pot XL Kit: The Perfect Hydroponic Solution for Large Plants

If you’re looking for a hydroponic system that can handle larger plants, the AutoPot 1Pot XL Kit is the perfect solution. This innovative product provides consistent and efficient plant watering, ensuring healthy and robust growth. Whether you’re starting out or an experienced grower, the AutoPot 1Pot XL Kit is the perfect solution for growing large plants hydroponically.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use: The 1Pot XL Kit is easy to use, making it ideal for hobbyists and experts alike. 
  • Consistent watering: The gravity-fed watering system ensures that your plants receive consistent watering and nutrients, resulting in healthier, more robust plants. 
  • Saves water: The 1Pot XL Kit is highly water-efficient, using up to 50% less water than traditional watering systems. 
  • Customisable: The 1Pot XL Kit can be customised to fit any size or shape of growing space. 
  • Low maintenance: The system requires very little maintenance, making it an excellent choice for busy gardeners.

How does this product work?

The 1Pot XL Kit works by using a gravity-fed watering system. The system consists of a tray, a lid, a 25L pot and an AQUAvalve5 with 9mm and 16-9mm pipe and fittings to connect to your reservoir. The water and nutrients are delivered to the plants from above, using gravity to distribute them evenly across the roots. The tray and lid work seamlessly together, ensuring that the water distributes evenly across the plants and that they receive the proper amount of nutrients.

How do I use the AutoPot 1Pot XL Kit?

Using the 1Pot XL Kit is easy. First, fill your reservoir with water and nutrients. Then, connect the tray and place the lid on top of the tray. The lid has pre-cut holes that fit the XL pot, ensuring the plants receive the correct amount of water and nutrients. Finally, place the XL pot on the lid and fill it with your growing medium and plant. That’s it! The 1Pot XL Kit will take care of the rest.

Other compatible products

If you want to expand your hydroponic setup, AutoPot offers various products compatible with the 1Pot XL Kit. The AutoPot AQUAplate is a great addition, providing a larger surface area for your plants to grow. Additionally, the AutoPot AirDome can add extra oxygen to the root zone, resulting in even healthier plants. The AutoPot AQUAbox Spyder is another self-watering solution that automatically waters a 1.2m2 area.


In conclusion, the AutoPot 1Pot XL Kit is the perfect solution for growing large plants hydroponically. Its easy-to-use design, consistent watering, and customisable features make it an ideal choice for gardeners regardless of their experience level. Plus, the possibilities are endless, with the ability to expand your setup with compatible AutoPot products. So why wait? Start growing your large plants easily with the 1Pot XL Kit today!

How can I buy an AutoPot 1Pot XL Kit?

You can easily buy a 1Pot XL Kit from our online store.

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