IWS Flood & Drain Standard Kit (16mm)

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The IWS Flood & Drain Standard Kit (16mm) is an automated set-and-forget hydroponic feeding system which makes growing large numbers of plants effortless.

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IWS Flood & Drain Standard Kit (16mm)

The IWS Flood & Drain Standard Kit (16mm) is an automated set-and-forget hydroponic feeding system which makes growing large numbers of plants effortless.

This kit is a top-rated product, and for a good reason. It’s straightforward for you to assemble and run, and with a system like this, you can quickly scale up to a commercial concern in next to no time. Feeding happens with careful precision, and it always produces an excellent yield.

This growing system offers the hydroponic grower several features and attributes, including the following:

  • Well known for producing one of the highest yields in the industry
  • Designed and made in the UK
  • Easy set-and-forget functionality
  • Options for several different system sizes & combinations from 6 pots to 48 pots
  • Scales up as big as you like or even to commercial size
  • Made from robust, crack-resistant plastic
  • Known to deliver the goods and therefore very popular over many years
  • Feeds your plants within pre-set periods automatically
  • Represents excellent value for money

How Does The IWS Flood & Drain System Work?

The Flood & Drain System is a complete nutrient feeding solution for your plants that can suit almost any growing space. It is modular in conception and design and, therefore, highly adaptable and may be upgraded at any stage to add new containers to the existing system at any time.

The nutrient solution is pumped from the reservoir to the brain at pre-programmed times and durations. The system’s brain connects via the 16mm pipework to the containers within the network. As it fills up, the containers all fill up as well. A float switch in the brain switches the nutrient solution flow from the reservoir off when the level becomes too high. The float height is at the same level as the tops of the containers to prevent flooding.

Each container has an Inner and an Outer part. The Outer pot is connected to the piping and fills up with the nutrient solution when the system floods. The Inner pot is inside the Outer, which has holes. The Inner pot contains the growing medium and the root mass. When the Outer fills with the supplied nutrient solution, it saturates the plants’ root zone.

This product version does not include pot stands, root control discs or a remote brain bucket with a timer.

How Do I Use The Flood & Drain System?

The IWS Flood & Drain System with 13mm Flexi-pipe is simple to assemble and use. You’ll find the following useful: a sharp knife or scissors, an adjustable spanner and a container of hot water (not boiling) for softening the pipe and making it much easier to attach to the connectors.

It’s advisable to use a timer or a stopwatch to determine the correct flood duration you need to work to when the system has been completed and is up and running.

Place both the brain pot and the pot stands on the same surface, and this surface needs to be straight and level, or there may be a risk that the system will either underfill or overfill the pots.

You should always keep your system, especially the piping, clean and free of any unwanted salt build-ups by using a suitable product such as Dutchpro Keep It Clean.

It’s a good idea to use clay pebbles because they hold plenty of air and hardly any nutrients. So they’re perfect for this flood and drain method.

Alternatively, you can flood your system less often; to do this, you can mix 20 to 40% of coco with 60 to 80% of clay pebbles. The resulting mix will hold more water, so you’ll be able to flood the system less often. Many growers choose to mix this to their proportions, or you can buy it already pre-mixed.

How Do I Buy The IWS Flood & Drain Standard Kit (16mm)?

You can buy the IWS Flood & Drain Standard Kit (16mm) without difficulty from our online store.

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