BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit 120x120x200cm


Elevate your hydroponic gardening experience with the BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit 120x120x200cm. A meticulously curated kit features top-tier components, each designed to harmonise and optimise your gardening environment. From the robust BudBox Pro XL Grow Tent to the efficient SANlight EVO LED and a suite of ventilation and humidity management tools, we’ve considered every aspect for serious gardeners. Unveil a world where your plants not only grow but thrive in a professionally crafted environment.

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Elevate Your Garden to Professional Heights with the BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit 120x120x200cm.

In the realm of indoor gardening, the BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit 120x120x200cm emerges as a beacon of quality, convenience, and professional-level growth management. This meticulously curated kit is designed to eradicate the hassle of matching components and, instead, provides a seamless, synergistic environment for your plants to thrive beyond ordinary levels. Each part is a hallmark of top-end quality, tailored for those who seek to delve into the professional sphere of hydroponic cultivation.

The Premium Core: BudBox Pro XL Grow Tent

The BudBox Pro XL Grow Tent is the nucleus of this kit. The manufacturers produce world-class grow tents using top-quality, high-strength materials. The tents feature 25mm diameter, tempered, high tensile steel poles coated in black powder with 1mm thick walls. They come equipped with steel push-and-click fit corner and pole connectors. The result is a robust structure capable of withstanding the rigours of heavy hydroponic equipment. This Pro XL tent ensures a full, light-proof enclosure, ideal for hydroponic cultivation. Its white interior delivers unmatched PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) reflectivity. PAR is the light range that plants use for photosynthesis, and the higher the reflectivity, the more light the plants receive, leading to better yields.

When independently tested by Photometric and Optical Testing Services and Black Dog LED, BudBox Pro Series tents demonstrated superior PAR reflectivity. They offer up to 106% more PAR reflectivity than other leading grow tents, ensuring your plants receive more of the light they need to flourish. Watch this in-depth video by Black Dog LED for a closer look at the tests and the resulting data. The assembly is straightforward – with click-lock corners and robust poles, you are a few simple steps away from having a professional-grade grow tent ready.

Lighting Excellence: SANlight EVO 5-120 LED Lighting Bundle

At the heart of this premium hydroponic tent kit lies the SANlight EVO 5-120 LED Lighting bundle, meticulously designed to meet the precise needs of indoor gardeners. This cutting-edge lighting solution is for those who demand uncompromising quality and effectiveness in their hydroponic setup.

Key Features:

  • Optimised Spectrum: The SANlight EVO 5-120 LED lights offer a broad light spectrum meticulously engineered to mimic natural sunlight. This optimised spectrum promotes robust plant growth, enhances photosynthesis efficiency, and ensures a healthier plant life cycle from seedling to harvest.
  • Efficient Performance: With its high photon efficacy, the SANlight EVO 5-120 LED bundle delivers exceptional performance while minimising energy consumption. It’s a nod towards environmental consciousness without sacrificing the yield quality and quantity.
  • Uniform Light Distribution: The advanced optics of SANlight EVO ensure a uniform light distribution across the canopy, preventing hotspots and shaded areas, which is crucial for even growth and maximum yield.
  • Modular Design: The modular design of the EVO allows for easy expandability and compatibility with various grow spaces. This flexibility ensures that as your gardening ambitions grow, your lighting setup can evolve alongside.
  • Cooling and Durability: The passive cooling design extends the lifespan of the LEDs, maintaining optimum performance over time. The robust construction ensures the lights withstand the daily rigours of an active grow room.

How It Works:

The SANlight EVO 5-120 LED Lighting bundle employs high-grade LED chips that emit a well-balanced light spectrum, promoting optimal photosynthesis and encouraging vigorous plant growth. The broad spectrum ensures your plants receive the light they need at every growth stage, promoting faster growth, higher yields, and better-quality produce.

Setting Up:

Setting up the SANlight EVO 5-120 LED bundle is straightforward. Begin by carefully unboxing the LED lights and the accompanying connectors and cables. Attach the lights to the hanging bars inside the BudBox Pro XL Grow Tent using the provided clips and connectors. Ensure the lights are securely fastened and evenly spaced to promote uniform light distribution across the plant canopy. Connect the lights to a suitable power source, and you’re ready to illuminate your garden.

The precise engineering of the SANlight EVO 5-120 LED bundle, paired with its easy setup and operational efficiency, underscores its position as a premium lighting solution within the BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit. This lighting ensemble is not just a component; it’s a promise of quality, reliability, and superior gardening results.

Ventilation Mastery: SystemAir RVK Extraction Fan and CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter

Breathe life into your garden with the SystemAir RVK Extraction Fan 150 A1, a paragon of ventilation efficiency. Paired with the CarboAir 50 150x300m Carbon Filter, Black Combi Ducting (5m-152mm) and Duct Clips (3), this combination ensures your growing space is free from impurities and odours. The carbon filter’s capability for odour removal, coupled with the fan’s proficient air exchange, provides a refreshing and clean atmosphere for your plants.

Harmonious Humidity: RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier

The RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier is a purveyor of balanced humidity. With its adjustable output, you have the reins to control the moisture levels in your grow space, ensuring your plants bask in optimum humidity levels, warding off dryness and creating a conducive environment for growth.

CO2 Enrichment: The ExHale CO2 Bag

Revitalise your garden with a rich supply of carbon dioxide from the ExHale CO2 Bag. Once activated, it’s a self-sustained CO2 generator for up to nine months, ensuring your plants have the essential CO2 they require for photosynthesis and, in turn, robust growth.

Air Circulation: RAM Clip-On Fan

Mimic the gentle caress of a natural breeze with the RAM Clip-On Fan. These fans circulate air, ensuring every corner of your grow space receives the necessary airflow, fostering an environment akin to the natural habitat in which plants thrive.

Adjustable Anchorage: Grow Bitz Rope Ratchets

Secure your equipment with the robust Grow Bitz Rope Ratchets (3 x pairs). These adjustable, durable ratchets ensure your equipment remains in place, providing a reliable support system for your hydroponic setup.

Square Fabric Pots 15L:

The Square Fabric Pots design promotes a healthy root system, a vital aspect for thriving plants. These 15L capacity pots provide ample space for the roots to grow and breathe. Unlike traditional plastic pots, fabric pots prevent roots from circling and provide excellent drainage, ensuring oxygen availability to the roots, which is crucial for nutrient uptake and overall plant health. The fabric material is durable and allows for superior airflow, fostering a conducive environment for root development.

  • Promotes Healthy Root Systems: Encourages natural pruning of the roots, fostering robust root structures.
  • Excellent Drainage: Prevents water-logging, ensuring that your plants receive the right amount of water.
  • Enhanced Airflow: The fabric material facilitates better aeration, contributing to optimal root health.
  • Reusable and Environment Friendly: Easy to clean and reuse, promoting sustainable gardening practices.

Square Plastic Saucers 29cm:

To keep your growing area clean and to prevent water spillage, these Square Plastic Saucers are an essential addition. Their design fits perfectly under the Square Fabric Pots, collecting any excess water that drains out. This feature not only maintains a tidy growing area but also prevents potential water damage to your grow tent or indoor garden area. The saucers consist of high-quality plastic that ensures durability and long-term use.

  • Prevents Water Spillage: Keeps your growing environment clean and free from water overflow.
  • Durable: Made from sturdy plastic to endure the rigours of hydroponic gardening.
  • Reusable: Easy to clean and reuse, making it a cost-effective solution.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work in unison with the Square Fabric Pots, providing a well-orchestrated watering system.

How Does The BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit 120x120x200cm Work?

Every component in the BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit works in a symphony to create an environment ripe for plant growth. From the premium quality of the BudBox Tent that ensures a conducive enclosure to the SANlight EVO LED Lights that provide the perfect spectrum of light, down to the meticulous air purification and circulation ensured by the ventilation components – every aspect is designed to work together seamlessly.

How Do I Use The BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit 120x120x200cm?

  1. Tent Setup: Begin by laying out the BudBox tent canvas and assembling the frame using the robust poles and click-lock corners. Once the frame is sturdy, drape the canvas over it, ensuring it’s snugly fit.
  2. Lighting Installation: Hang the SANlight EVO LED lights using the Grow Bitz Rope Ratchets, ensuring you securely fasten them. Connect the Magnetic Dimmers for control over light intensity.
  3. Ventilation and Filtration: Install the SystemAir RVK Extraction Fan and attach the CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter using duct clips to ensure an airtight connection. Position them to facilitate efficient air exchange and odour removal.
  4. Humidity Management: Fill the RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier with cool or filtered water and position it to distribute moisture within the grow space evenly.
  5. CO2 Management: Hang the ExHale CO2 Bag at the top of the tent to allow CO2 to flow down onto your plants.
  6. Air Circulation: Clip the RAM Clip-On Fans to the poles of the tent, ensuring they circulate air evenly across the grow space.
  7. Potting and Saucer Placement: Introduce your plants to their new environment by placing them in the Square Fabric Pots. These pots promote better root aeration and prevent soil compaction, which is beneficial for your plants’ health. Fill each pot with your preferred growing medium and plant your seedlings or clones. Place the pots onto the Square Plastic Saucers to catch any water runoff, ensuring your tent remains clean, and your plants receive ample hydration. The saucers also make it easier to check and manage the moisture levels in the pots, contributing to a more precise watering routine. This straightforward addition to your setup plays a significant role in managing the cleanliness and hydration levels in your hydroponic tent, ensuring your plants thrive in a well-maintained environment.

Your expedition into professional indoor gardening begins with the BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit. Every component is a testament to quality, designed to work synergistically to foster an environment where your plants do more than grow – they flourish.

How can I buy a BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit 120x120x200cm?

You can easily buy a BudBox SANlight Premium Hydroponic Tent Kit 120x120x200cm from our website.

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