Rush R-DWC Hydroponic System

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The Rush R-DWC Hydroponic System allows as many as an astounding 34 circulations per hour of nutrient solution, with its highly enriched oxygen content, among the plants’ root zones and through its unusually wide 63mm piping, all to the benefit of your plants.

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Rush R-DWC Hydroponic System

The Rush R-DWC Hydroponic System allows as many as an astounding 34 circulations per hour of nutrient solution, with its highly enriched oxygen content, among the plants’ root zones and through its unusually wide 63mm piping, all to the benefit of your plants.

This product is ideal as the basis for a superb hydroponic system and is scalable from small to large. It offers growers considerable attributes, including the following:

  • Very easy to scale up by adding pots without draining the system
  • Piping is an unprecedented generous width of 63mm
  • It offers you the most advanced R-DWC process
  • The system can produce as many as 34 circulations per hour
  • It gives you the freedom to turn your plants under the grow lights
  • Provides stable pH and EC levels on a large scale
  • Uses very little growing media
  • All the advantages of R-DWC high-oxygenation for your plants’ roots
  • Provides the means of maximising oxygen uptake
  • Amazingly rapid rooting, nutrient uptake and growth

How Does it Work?

The Rush System is the latest development in deep water culture technology. DWC has already proved itself as a superb way of growing hydroponically. This product recirculates the O2-rich nutrient solution around your plant roots up to 34 times every hour, producing staggering results.

The product uses 6.5-litre mesh pots, which all sit in individual reservoirs, only 38cm high, ensuring that the whole system sits low. These reservoirs also have an air stone fitted neatly into the base. This air stone bubbles gently and releases oxygen, which, once combined with nutrient solution, provides an oxygen-rich feed that is then allowed to circulate around the plant’s root systems.

The R-DWC method needs only tiny amounts of growing media, permitting your plants to feed as much as they want, whenever required.

This process prevents both over and under watering and stimulates your fruits and flowers to flourish in terms of their size, health and final yields.

The product features a 63mm piping network, which allows this rapid recirculation unhindered and prevents blockages from occurring. The pots are large and well-spaced (there are provisions for three different spacings. They have to be this way to accommodate and support the massively dense and heavy plants, which will inevitably result when using this turbocharged method.

The system is tremendously scalable, so you can have as many pots as you like. Furthermore, growers can expand the system without draining. A total of sixty-two blanking caps are included in the package so that you can add pots without ever needing to drain the entire system. This product offers a very flexible layout, and you can choose the number of lanes in the system (from 2, 3 and 4), the pot capacity (40 litres and 60 litres) and pot centres (62, 82 and 100cm), this being effectively the distance between the pots. You can also raise or lower the water level as the plants’ root systems grow with the adjustable float valve.

How to Use?

Each chamber in a Rush System has an air stone in the bottom of the tank connected to an air pump. The roots, which hang above, have access to an abundance of oxygen within the nutrient solution, which constantly nourishes them—causing the plants to increase rapidly in size.

The vigorous movement of the liquid also prevents moulds and pathogens from forming, so another outcome of using this is preventing potential disease.

Keeping the nutrient solution flowing around these chambers makes the EC and pH levels stable across each plant. Stability is good news for those sick and tired of tweaking multiple possibilities within their systems to get the correct levels they need. And there’s far less chance of any sediments being able to form within the chambers due to the water constantly remixing at every minute of the day.

This product features an adjustable float valve, allowing users to alter the water level within the chambers to enable smaller plants with smaller roots to have a better start in life when they reach up to 2cm above the base of their net pot.

Once the plants get older and more established, and the roots are longer, the manufacturers recommend that this level drops to 2cm below the bottom of each pot.

Pro Tips:

  1. Leave the pump on all the time, literally 24/7, as the plants’ root systems need to have constant access to the oxygen-rich nutrient solution.
  2. To maintain the reservoir, close off the piping at both ends with the stoppers provided, allowing your plants to continue being fed and nourished whilst any maintenance occurs on other reservoirs.
  3. The water and nutrient solution temperature can be maintained by connecting it to a chiller. The optimum temperature for all this to function well is from 18 to 21°C.
  4. Water levels can constantly be maintained using a unique adjustable float valve supplied. When it becomes necessary for water levels to be higher for plants with shorter roots, you adjust this float valve upwards. Then, when the plant’s roots grow longer, push the float valve down so that the roots are less covered by the nutrient solution and have more oxygen access.


Included in the package:

  • 6.5-litre net pots and individual reservoir tanks
  • Airstone for each reservoir tank
  • Adjustable float valve control unit to maintain constant and even nutrient levels
  • 63mm flexible pipe to connect the tanks with the control unit

How Can I Buy a Rush R-DWC Hydroponic System?

You can easily buy a Rush R-DWC Hydroponic System from our online store.

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