Athena Nutrients Pro Line Grow

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Experience the pinnacle of vegetative nutrition with Athena Nutrients Pro Line Grow. Tailored for hydroponic gardens, it ensures robust roots and vibrant foliage. Fully soluble and packed with balanced NPK, it’s the gardener’s choice for thriving plants. Available in 10Lb and 25Lb sizes, each with convenient 5Lb packets.

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Athena Nutrients Pro Line Grow

The Pinnacle of Vegetative Nutrition

Every gardener understands the importance of the vegetative growth stage. It’s the foundation upon which the entire plant lifecycle builds. Athena Nutrients Pro Line Grow promotes robust root growth and lush foliage by carefully formulating its ingredients during this crucial phase. Both 10Lb and 25Lb sizes are now available and conveniently packaged in individual 5Lb packets.

Features and Benefits

  • Balanced NPK and Essential Micro-elements: When combined with Pro Core, attain optimal nutrient harmony.
  • Fully Soluble Dry Fertiliser: Eliminate the hassle of particulates or sediment for seamless nutrient delivery.
  • Universal Compatibility: Adaptable with various irrigation systems, ensuring a smooth gardening experience.
  • Effortless Mixing: Achieves complete solubility at room temperature, simplifying the preparation process.
  • Safety First: Features a low heavy metal content, emphasising plant and environmental protection.

How Does Athena Nutrients Pro Line Grow Work?

Pro Line Grow works explicitly during the vegetative growth stage, a period that demands comprehensive nutrition. This product ensures plants receive well-rounded nourishment, fostering the development of strong roots and vibrant foliage. The large-grind mix is 100% soluble, guaranteeing no obstructions in your irrigation systems or sediment accumulation in reservoirs. Check out the Athena Nutrients YouTube channel for more great insider tips and tricks here.

How Do I Use Athena Nutrients Pro Line Grow?

Nutrient Preparation Steps for a Stock Concentrate:

  1. Procure a measuring container with clear gallon indicators.
  2. Initiate by filling half of the stock tank with water.
  3. Gradually introduce the granules into the water, ensuring continuous stirring for optimal dissolution.
  4. Proceed to add water until reaching the precise 12.5-gallon mark.
  5. Engage in vigorous mixing until all granules fully dissolve.

Preparing Your Batch Reservoir:

Adhering to the suggested 2 lb per gallon guideline, determine the ml per gallon required to achieve your target Electrical Conductivity (EC).

Recommended Products:

  • Pro Line CorePro Line Core is the foundational nutrient solution in the Athena Nutrients lineup. It ensures a balanced and comprehensive nutrient profile when used in conjunction with Pro Line Grow. Pro Line Core lays the groundwork for healthy vegetative growth, allowing Pro Line Grow to focus on optimising root and foliage development.
  • Pro Line BloomTransition seamlessly from vegetative growth to flowering with Pro Line Bloom. This nutrient solution is a meticulous formula to cater to the unique requirements of the flowering stage. When used alongside Pro Line Core, it ensures a harmonious nutrient profile, optimising bloom density and vibrancy. Together, they provide a comprehensive nutrient regimen, ensuring your plants flourish from the early growth stages to the final bloom.
  • Pro Line Balance: Maintaining the correct pH levels is crucial for nutrient absorption. Pro Line Balance will stabilise pH levels in your nutrient solution, enhancing the effectiveness of both Pro Line Core and Pro Line Grow. This action ensures that plants can readily absorb all the nutrients they need for optimal growth.
  • Precise Digital Counter Scale 5000gAccurate measurement is vital in hydroponics, and the Precise Digital Counter Scale ensures you get it right every time. With a capacity of up to 5000g, this scale is perfect for measuring your Pro Line nutrients. Accurate dosing means your plants get exactly what they need, no more and no less, making this scale an invaluable tool in any hydroponic grow space.

Each product complements Pro Line Grow, ensuring your plants receive holistic care throughout their growth cycle.


  • Potassium Phosphate
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Potassium Sulphate
  • Magnesium Sulphate
  • Iron DTPA


Athena Pro Line Grow isn’t merely a fertiliser; it’s a commitment to your plants’ health and vitality. With its balanced nutrient composition, exceptional solubility, and adaptability, this product is the first choice for gardeners aiming for unparalleled vegetative growth. Dive into a world where your plants grow and thrive with the nutrition they deserve.

How can I buy Athena Nutrients Pro Line Grow?

You can easily buy Athena Nutrients Pro Line Grow from our online store by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu above.

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