Plant Magic Silicon

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Plant Magic Silicon is a blend of soluble silica and humic acid, both naturally occurring substances that strengthen leaves and stems and boost plants in several other ways.

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Plant Magic Silicon

Plant Magic Silicon is a blend of soluble silica and humic acid, both naturally occurring substances that strengthen leaves and stems and boost plants in several other ways.

It empowers your plants with stronger stems, better resistance to disease and drought, and enhanced nutrient uptake. It also increases yields at harvest. It’s ideal for use in hydroponic growing systems because it has several attributes, including the following:

  • Plant Magic – all products made in the UK
  • Ensures that stronger stems and stalks develop
  • Increases plant resistance to pests and diseases
  • Enhances photosynthetic activity
  • Improves a plants tolerance to heat
  • Improves tolerance to extremes of cold, drought and bright lights
  • It helps in reducing pest and fungal attacks, and cell walls are more resistant to attack
  • It uses a unique blend of soluble silica with humic acid
  • Prevents stems from breaking under the weight of bigger yields
  • Reduces the leaf droop so that light can reach all leaves and fruit
  • It works very well with other Plant Magic feeds and boosters

How Does Silicon Work?

Silicon contains a unique synthesis of soluble silicon and top-quality humic acid. Both silicon and humic acid exist in natural soil, but recently these have become depleted in soil because of an increased incidence of leaching.

Silicon assists plants in building strong cell walls, which makes them tougher against various diseases, pests and fungi. Silicon produces thicker and stronger stems and stalks, which helps plants lose less water, especially in high temperatures.

The humic acid helps transport silicon into and around the plant, enhances the photosynthesis process and increases your crop yields at harvest.

This product certainly makes a difference, which anyone who’s tried it can verify. It is an additive that can also work with seedlings and cuttings from the moment they develop their roots up to the final flowering stage just before flushing.

Silicon strengthens plant cell walls, leading to thicker stems and more substantial branches that can support the heavier loads that will inevitably follow. There’s an increase in chlorophyll production, which optimises the use of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and accelerates photosynthesis.

The improved structure of your plants will work against pests and diseases; insects will find it very difficult to get through the toughened leaf matter. Your plants will also develop an improved resilience to pathogens, fungi and environmental changes, particularly drought and temperature extremes.

This product delivers exceptional results in all growing media and hydroponic, aeroponic, soil and coco-based growing systems.

How to Use Silicon?

This product works throughout the entire lifecycle of your plants. Use at a concentration of 0.5ml per litre with rooted cuttings, going right through to week 1 of the flowering stage; at this point, you should increase the dose to 1ml per litre until week 4.

It can also work as a foliar spray, in which case you can use it at a concentration of 1.5ml per litre and spray your plants liberally, ensuring that you thoroughly wet the tops and undersides of the plants’ leaves.

To avoid leaf burn, spray when your grow lights have been switched off and leave plenty of time for the leaves to dry before switching the lights back on again.

As with all nutrients, additives and boosters, you should never mix them in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water, giving the solution a good stir to mix before adding the next one, and so on.



  • Potassic fluid fertiliser with iron – potassium silicate
  • Potassium oxide (as K2O) 11.7 (9.7% K)
  • Silicon as SiO2 soluble in water 14.3%
  • Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA soluble in water 0.05%

Where Do I Buy Plant Magic Silicon?

You can easily buy Plant Magic Silicon from our website.

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