Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen

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Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen gives your plants that extra oxygen boost in order to ensure that the root system develops and thrives. The product also helps to prevent root diseases.

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Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen

Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen gives your plants an extra oxygen boost to ensure that the root system develops and thrives. It also helps to prevent root diseases and is perfect for use in hydroponic growing systems as it presents the following attributes and qualities:

  • Works very well in any growing medium and any growing system
  • Increased O2 leads to better and more advantageous root activity
  • Releases Oxygen directly into the nutrient solution
  • Excellent value for money
  • Creates a sterile root zone that kills all root diseases
  • Don’t use this product if your growing method includes the use of friendly bacteria.

How Does it Work?

Liquid Oxygen consists of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution, which forms a molecule of water and an oxygen atom when mixed in with your nutrient solution. The oxygen atom (O) joins up with any other free oxygen atom formed during the same process to create a dissolved oxygen molecule that is quite stable for a while and which will oxygenate the water around it. In this form, it will attack microbes and any other organic molecules at their most basic level, breaking them down completely.

The product will create a sterile root zone where your plants’ roots can thrive because of the enhanced levels of O2 and the complete eradication of root disease and the pathogens that cause such disease.

This sterile environment is unsuitable for growing methods that depend partially or entirely on nurturing friendly microbes, as the formula will kill all organic life.

How to Use?

Liquid Oxygen works throughout a plant’s life cycle from the cutting stage to harvest. The product works well in any growing medium and with any type of growing system except those organic methods, which actively use beneficial or friendly microbes.

Prepare your regular nutrient solution, add the product at a concentration of 1ml per litre, and stir well to mix. Check the solution’s pH and adjust this as necessary.

This product will quickly break down into various chemical constituents, so add it daily to remain efficacious.

As with all such nutrients, additives and boosters, never mix in their concentrated form straight from the bottle. Always add each one at a time, giving the resultant nutrient solution a good stir to mix between them before going on to the next.

Liquid Oxygen is an aggressive liquid that can cause damage to your skin and clothing and cause burns. You should not mix these aggressive substances with any other product in their concentrated form. Always wear suitable protection such as gloves, goggles, etc., and keep out of the reach of children and animals.

The recommended dosage of this product is 1ml per litre of nutrient solution. It contains 11.9% hydrogen peroxide.

How Can I Buy Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen?

You can buy Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen without difficulty from our online shop.

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