Canna Terra Flores

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Canna Terra Flores is a nutrient used during the flowering phase of plants growing in pots and potting mixes to stimulate fructification and vibrant flowering.

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Canna Terra Flores

Canna Terra Flores is a nutrient used during the flowering phase of plants growing in pots and potting mixes to stimulate fructification and vibrant flowering.

Expert growers use this product during a plant’s bloom phase to stimulate fruit formation and provide plants with a beautiful characteristic flavour.

As soon as the plant creates its first flowers, switch from Canna Terra Vega to Canna Terra Flores. Terra Flores is nutrition produced specially for the generative phase and contains more Potassium and Phosphorous.

How does it Work?

Plants only reach their maximum potential if they receive proper care and nutrition. Terra Flores works during the generative phase to ensure the plant gets all the essential elements to optimise its flowering potential.

Cell multiplication begins with the division of its nucleus, which contains genetic information. Nitrogen is required to reproduce DNA proteins used to build flowers. This additional nutrition ensures that the flowers grow and develop to their maximum potential. Once the flower has reached its full size, it will start to fade; however, the ovary will remain and swell.

The next phase begins, and the ovary will need more phosphorous and Potassium. Deep within the ovary lies a water compartment containing Potassium and water. Potassium raises EC levels in the plant, which pressurises the cell; this makes the fruit harder and heavier, producing a greater yield with more bountiful fruit.

Each cell attracts water to store for its own purposes; Potassium draws the water up to the leaf, where it evaporates. A surplus of Potassium means that the leaf will either retain its water or release less; this results in burns because the water is needed for transpiration or for cooling the leaf.

To prevent premature ripening or burning during the ripening phase, give the plant water with no nutrients or reduced nutrients. The plant will continue to take in nutrients until its last day, although this will be smaller than in the previous phases.

The plant can now concentrate on propagating itself. Phosphorous in the fruit flows to the seeds, needed to help lock in the energy required to germinate. This energy will ensure the seeds get a good start.

Using Terra Flores correctly will give you the optimum results every time.

How to Use?

Terra Flores is a one-part nutrient for plants grown in pots and soil and with run-to-waste systems or normal hand-watering.

Canna recommend introducing Terra Flores after the second week of the bloom phase or when your buds start to appear.

Fill the nutrient reservoir with water and add the product as follows:

  • Always shake the bottle well before using.
  • Dissolve 5ml concentrate per 1 litre (1:200).
  • EC levels vary between 0.9 and 1.6 mS/cm2 when dissolved in water.
  • Recommended pH level between 5.8 to 6.2
  • Use during the flowering phase of plant development.
  • Store safely in a dark, frost-free place.

How can I buy Canna Terra Flores?

You can easily buy Canna Terra Flores here from our website.

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