Mills Organics Base

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Mills Organics Base is a highly complex synthesis of organic macro and micronutrients created to ensure optimal development throughout the plant’s life cycle.

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Mills Organics Base

Mills Organics Base is a highly complex synthesis of organic macro and micronutrients created to ensure optimal development throughout the plant’s life cycle.

It is ideal for use in all types of hydroponic growing systems as it incorporates certain useful features and attributes, and these include the following:

  • Enhances the structure of the surrounding soil and substrate
  • Enhances resistance to environmental stress
  • Known to improve nutrient uptake and absorption
  • Noticeably improves soil attributes and qualities
  • Improves the process of cell division within plants
  • Enhances plant metabolism and enzyme development
  • Actively promotes healthy root development
  • It helps prevent mineral deficiencies from occurring
  • Recommended for use from start to finish
  • It contains a large proportion of organic matter
  • Has more than adequate supplies of fulvic and humic acids to ensure maximum uptake
  • It works by itself as a stand-alone fertiliser

How Does it Work?

With Mills Base, you’re in charge of creating the foundations of healthy, robust, green and luscious plants. This product enables plants to absorb available nutrients very readily. It is rich in organic matter content and has exceptionally high levels of fulvic and humic acids, which affords the plant cells more energy by the process called chelation.

It is suitable for all types of organic agriculture and horticulture and works with other products from the same range, notably Mills Bloom during the plant’s flowering stage.

Mills use the highest quality ingredients, using plant material sourced only from organic products, extracts from sugar beet, kelp, potato and corn and organically-derived minerals. They have the lightest molecular weight. The lighter the weight is, the faster the elements may be absorbed and made available to your plants, and the more rapid the plant’s growth.

The ingredients are all highly filtered, meaning the product can flow through any irrigation lines and not thicken in the process; it will always be consistent in its colouring and thickness from one batch to the next. It is high in carbohydrates, which provides maximum aroma and flavour, as well as the highest Brix (or sugar content) of fruit.

The simplicity of use is another reason to opt for this range; you only need three of their products at any one time, and you only need four bottles over the whole range. It provides 100% bio-available calcium, ensuring you get the strongest and sturdiest plants with the heaviest fruits. All products are certified vegan. Mills proudly carries the vegan society trademark.

How to Use?

Before mixing, allow water to sit for 24 hours or use a dechlorinating agent, e.g. Ecothrive Neutralise, because chlorine is very harmful to the “friendly” bacteria which are always present within the substrate. Add one drop of the product for every litre of water and stir well to mix.

Add this product before adding any boosters, base nutrients, and pH adjustments as necessary. One drop is the equivalent of 1/20th of a millilitre.

Where Can I Buy Mills Organics Base?

You can easily buy Mills Organics Base from our website.

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