Canna Terra Vega

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Canna Terra Vega is a complete nutrient solution specially developed for developing plants grown in pots during their vegetative phase.

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Canna Terra Vega

Canna Terra Vega is a complete nutrient solution specially developed for developing plants grown in pots during their vegetative phase.

Terra Vega has a few handy features and benefits as follows:

  • It combines the perfect composition and dose for growers to achieve higher yields and a bountiful harvest.
  • It keeps plants disease and pest free.
  • It features rapid absorption, which is especially beneficial for plants with growth phases occurring in quick succession.
  • Rapid absorption is easier for the plant, concentrating on development and growth, producing better flowers and fruits.
  • Canna Terra is easy to use and ideal for first-time or inexperienced growers.

Terra Vega contains all the essential ingredients a plant needs for growth and development during the vegetative phase, ensuring plants grow more robust, with large shoots and healthy root development.

When you feed a plant, the roots will absorb the nutrient via the soil substrate in the pot, and this will then spread to every part of the plant.

Nitrogen moves directly into the roots causing the cells to divide and multiply, making the plant grow. The multiplication of cells begins with the division of its nucleus, which contains genetic information. Nitrogen is required when the DNA proteins replicate themselves.

Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Calcium enter the cell, making it grow. Nitrogen acts as the building blocks whilst Phosphorous and Calcium act as the glue binding them together. More and more roots and branches appear, forming the root system.

Elements produced in the root system flow up and attach themselves to the protein structure in new cells; they form a kernel that turns green. These buds turn into fresh stalks with leaves, and the cells in the leaves multiply in the same way as seen in the roots.

The nitrogen and the metals combine and create the chlorophyll of the leaves. The leaf grows and produces more and more chlorophyll. The plant becomes bigger, creating branches, making more leaves, and entering the generative phase requiring a different balance of nutrients.

When your plant creates its first flowers switch from Canna Terra Vega to Canna Terra Flores, it contains nutrition developed especially for the generative phase of plant growth, including Potassium and Phosphorous.

How to Use?

Terra Vega is easy to use and directly dissolves because it is rich in nitrogen compounds, high-value iron chelates and trace elements, guaranteeing complete water absorption and plant feeding from the beginning of cultivation.

This product is suited for use with multiple potting-mix types; its versatility enables its use with pre-fertilised, pre-utilised or nutrient deficient mixes.

  • Always shake the bottle well before using.
  • Dissolve with a ratio of 5ml per litre of water (1:200).
  • Dissolved Terra Vega has an EC value between 0.9 and 1.6 mS/cm2.
  • Canna recommend a pH level between 5.8 and 6.2.
  • Do not over-fertilise; this can impact your plant adversely.
  • Store safely in a dark, frost-free place away from UV light.

How Can I Buy Canna Terra Vega?

You can easily buy Canna Terra Vega from our website.

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