ONA Gel Odour Neutraliser

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ONA Gel Odour Neutraliser is your ultimate solution for eliminating odours in hydroponic grow rooms and tents. Utilising a blend of essential oils, ONA Gel provides true neutralisation rather than masking. It’s safe, non-toxic, and long-lasting, ensuring a fresh environment. Available in various scents and sizes, it’s the perfect addition to any indoor gardening setup.

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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Smells with Ease!

ONA Gel Odour Neutraliser is your go-to solution for a reliable way to eliminate odours in your indoor grow rooms or tents. This powerful and practical product uses a blend of essential oils to neutralise odours effectively. Open the jar and let ONA Gel do the work, ensuring your space stays fresh and odour-free. It’s safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, making it perfect for both home and business use.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Effective Odour Neutralisation: ONA Gel doesn’t just mask odours; it eliminates them completely.
  • Natural Ingredients: Made from a blend of essential oils sourced from plants worldwide.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Safe to use around people and pets and environmentally friendly.
  • Variety of Scents: Available in Pro, Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, Apple Crumble, Tropics, Fruit Fusion, and Lemongrass fragrances.
  • Multiple Sizes: Comes in 428g Jars, 732g Jars, 3.27 kg Jars, 3.8 kg Pails, and 20 kg Pails.
  • Easy to Use: Open the lid and let it naturally evaporate, or use it with an ONA fan for larger areas.
  • Long-Lasting: Designed to release odour-neutralising molecules in a controlled manner, ensuring every drop is optimised.
  • Versatile: Ideal for both small and large spaces, with solutions for up to 5,000 square feet.

ONA Gel Odour Neutraliser uses advanced scientific principles to effectively eliminate odours, making it an essential tool for any hydroponic gardener. Unlike typical air fresheners, which only mask unpleasant smells, ONA Gel neutralises them at the molecular level. Here’s a closer look at how this remarkable product works.

The Power of Essential Oils

ONA Neutralising Gel is a complex mix of essential oils carefully suspended in a polymer gel. These oils are organically derived from plants across the globe, ensuring a natural and environmentally friendly solution. When exposed to the atmosphere, the gel releases ONA particles into the air, which quickly seek out and neutralise odour molecules.

Natural Evaporation Process

Once you expose the gel to air, it begins to evaporate naturally. This process releases the odour-neutralising molecules into the environment at a controlled rate. ONA Gel optimises every drop for maximum effectiveness. The slow and steady release ensures long-lasting odour control.

True Neutralisation, Not Masking

What sets ONA Gel apart is its capacity to neutralise odours rather than mask them. When the ONA particles come into contact with odorous molecules, they neutralise them through adsorption, absorption, and chemical reactions. This action produces permanent odour elimination, providing a clean and fresh environment.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Safety is a key feature of ONA Gel. It is non-toxic, making it safe for use around people and pets. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, ensuring that it doesn’t harm the planet while keeping your grow room or tent odour-free. Hydroponic gardeners can trust that ONA Gel will maintain a safe and pleasant atmosphere.

Versatile Applications

ONA Gel is incredibly versatile and works in various settings. For smaller spaces, open the jar and let it evaporate naturally. For larger areas or increased odour control, you can use ONA fans like the Breeze or Cyclone to disperse the gel more efficiently. These fans fit on different jar sizes, ensuring you have the right solution for your needs.

Long-Lasting Effectiveness

One of the standout features of ONA Gel is its long-lasting effectiveness. Thanks to the controlled release of odour-neutralising molecules, the gel continues to work for extended periods. This feature makes it a cost-effective solution for maintaining a fresh atmosphere in your hydroponic setup.

Using ONA Gel Odour Neutraliser in your hydroponic setup is straightforward and hassle-free. Follow these steps to ensure you get the best results and maintain an odour-free environment.

Basic Usage

To use ONA Gel, open the lid and place the jar in the desired location. The gel will naturally evaporate, releasing odour-neutralising molecules into the air. This approach is ideal for smaller grow rooms or tents. Occasionally shaking the jar helps mix the contents, ensuring even distribution of the active ingredients.

Enhancing Dispersion with Fans

For larger areas or more intense odour problems, you can enhance the gel’s dispersion with an ONA fan. The Breeze fan fits on the 732g jar, 3.27 kg jar, and 3.8 kg pails, increasing the dispersion rate. This setup is perfect for medium to large grow rooms, providing more effective odour control.

If you’re dealing with an extremely large area, consider using the 20 kg ONA Gel with the Cyclone fan. The Cyclone fan has five speed settings and can control odours in spaces up to 5,000 square feet. This powerful combination ensures comprehensive odour neutralisation across a wide area.

Regulating Gel Usage

To regulate the lifetime of your ONA Gel, you can transfer a smaller amount into a separate container. This method allows you to control how much gel is exposed to the air, extending its usage duration. Top up the container as needed, ensuring continuous odour control without waste.

Tips for Optimal Results

For the best results, position the ONA Gel near the source of the odour. This placement ensures the active ingredients reach and neutralise odour molecules more efficiently. If your hydroponic setup is in a room with good airflow, placing the gel near a fan or vent can help disperse the odour-neutralising particles more effectively.

How long does ONA Gel last?

The lifespan of ONA Gel depends on several factors, including the size of the container, the airflow, and the intensity of odours. Generally, a 732g jar can last for 4 to 6 weeks under typical conditions. If you use an ONA fan to disperse the gel, it may evaporate more quickly, but you’ll achieve more effective odour control. For larger areas or more persistent odours, using a 20 kg pail with a Cyclone fan provides long-lasting performance.

Is ONA Gel safe to breathe?

Yes, ONA Gel is safe to breathe. It consists of non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredients, including essential oils derived from plants. This factor makes it safe to use around people and pets. The gel’s components are generally recognised as safe and have a long history of use in the food and cosmetics industries.

What does ONA Gel smell like?

ONA Gel is available in various fragrances to suit different preferences. You can choose from Pro, Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, Apple Crumble, Tropics, Fruit Fusion, and Lemongrass. Each scent is pleasant and subtle, ensuring your space smells fresh without being overpowering. Despite the fragrance, the primary function of ONA Gel is to neutralise odours, not just cover them up.

Can I use ONA Gel in large spaces?

Absolutely! ONA Gel is versatile and can handle both small and large spaces. For smaller areas, open a jar and let it naturally evaporate. For larger spaces, using ONA fans like the Breeze or Cyclone will enhance dispersion and ensure effective odour control. The Cyclone fan, paired with a 20 Kg pail, can manage odours in spaces up to 5,000 square feet, making it ideal for extensive grow rooms or commercial setups. Check out the ONA website for more information about their range of odour-busting products here.

Check out these compatible items to complement ONA Gel.

  • ONA Breeze Fan: The ONA Breeze Fan is perfect for enhancing the dispersion of ONA Gel in medium to large grow rooms. It fits on 732g jars, 3.27 kg jars, and 3.8 kg pails, increasing the evaporation rate and ensuring thorough odour neutralisation. Ideal for spaces that need extra odour control power.
  • ONA Cyclone Fan Unit: Designed for larger areas, the ONA Cyclone Fan Unit fits on the 20 kg ONA Gel pail and offers five speed settings. It can cover spaces up to 465 square metres, making it suitable for extensive grow rooms. This fan unit ensures even distribution of the odour-neutralising particles throughout the area.
  • ONA Block Odour Neutraliser: ONA Block Odour Neutraliser is a compact and convenient solution for smaller spaces or specific problem areas. It’s easy to place in various locations within your grow room, working alongside ONA Gel to tackle odours at the source. Use it in combination with ONA Gel for targeted odour control.
  • ONA Liquid Odour Neutraliser: ONA Liquid Odour Neutraliser offers versatility and can be used in a spray bottle for spot treatments or added to humidifiers and diffusers. It works well with the ONA Gel and ONA Block, providing an extra layer of odour control in your hydroponic setup. Perfect for quick and easy application.

Experience the Ultimate Freshness with ONA Gel Odour Neutraliser

Transform your hydroponic grow space with ONA Gel Odour Neutraliser. Say goodbye to unwanted odours and hello to a clean, fresh environment. Whether you’re managing a small tent or a large room, ONA Gel offers the perfect solution. Add ONA Gel to your basket now and enjoy unparalleled odour control!

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