ONA Misting Dome


The ONA Misting Dome has been cleverly designed to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere while at the same time eradicating all unwanted odours. A steady supply of liquid odour neutraliser is pumped as a fine mist out into the air.

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ONA Misting Dome

The ONA Misting Dome creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere while simultaneously eradicating all unwanted odours.

A steady supply of liquid odour neutraliser is pumped as a fine mist out into the air, replacing those horrible smells with pleasant scents.

This product is easy and quick to set up, portable and lightweight, so it can be readily transported from room to room as needed. It’s ideal for use in all types of hydroponic growing systems and has the following features:

  • Ultrasonic technology turns ONA Liquid into a fine mist
  • Stylish, modern and portable design
  • You can set the Mood Light in a choice of 7 colours to gradually change or switch it off.
  • Almost noiseless when running, producing only 35db
  • Made from top-quality materials which are pollution-free
  • Misting function has auto shut-off when the liquid level diminishes too much
  • It may be programmed to run for 1 hour, 3 hours, 5 hours or continually
  • Effectively neutralises odours up to 10 to 15m2 area
  • Very low power requirement of fewer than 10 watts

How Does it Work?

This product uses an ultrasonic unit to produce a fine mist from an ONA Liquid Odour neutraliser (available separately) which it releases into the surrounding air.

The liquid refills have an excellent reputation for their proficiency in neutralising unwanted odours; this highly effective and practical delivery method can deal with odours in a grow space of about 10 to 15m2, although this also depends on the ventilation and strength of the smell, ambient temperature and humidity.

The product looks aesthetically pleasing and will be at home in any setting. It features a mood light around the top, which may be preset to give off a pleasant glow in any of seven different colours.

Alternatively, it can move in a series through each of these colours gradually and in sequence, dissolving slowly from one colour into the next. Or, if you prefer, you can switch this function off entirely.

The product has a small tank that you fill with the liquid odour neutraliser. The liquid is transformed into a fine mist using an ultrasonic transducer which vibrates very rapidly (2.4 MHz so that it cannot bother you as this is way out of the human hearing range). And here’s where the clever science comes in: this vibration causes the odour molecules of the smelly particulates in the air to break apart and return to their elemental constituents. The smell permanently disappears.

The product may be preset to run for 1 hour, 3 hours, 5 hours or continually. The misting action will automatically shut down when the liquid runs low for safety reasons. The product contains an LED display that illuminates the translucent dome on the tank lid. This mood lighting will create a pleasant, soothing atmosphere, and there are seven colours to choose from; white, blue, green, red, cyan, yellow and magenta.

How to Use?

The Misting Dome needs a supply of ONA Liquid Odour Neutraliser for it to work. Plug it into the mains outlet socket and plug the other end of the mains lead in the socket at the rear of the unit. When you do this, it will beep once.

Place on a firm and level surface to avoid any spillages. You should see that the air intake is at the bottom of the unit, so avoid any surface that will obstruct airflow.

Remove the product’s lid and fill the tank with the liquid odour neutraliser, no higher than the maximum indicated level at the bottom of the lip, which runs around the top of the tank. Do not fill up the tank while the product is working.

When you’ve filled the tank, you should replace the lid. To start the product, hold down the Mist/Timer button for a couple of seconds. A small LED will indicate that the unit is now on.

It is a continuous mode to start. Again pressing the Mist/Timer button will bring the product out of this mode and into its timed mode for 1 hour. Successively pressing the button will cycle it through to the 3 hours timed mode, then to the 5-hour mode, then back to the default On mode continuously.

You can switch off the misting action by pressing and holding the Mist/Timer button for two seconds.

The misting action doesn’t need to be in the On position to use the mood lighting. To do this, you press the ‘Light’ button once, and the mood light will slowly cycle through all the available colours. Successively pressing the same button will turn off the changing function and start cycling through the seven colours by themselves, then to the Off position, then back to the gradual change position again. Switch the light off by pressing and holding the Light button for a second or so.


  • Product Size: 120 x 120 x 108mm
  • Net weight: 200g
  • Power: Standard dedicated adapter
  • Input adapter: AC100-240V~50/60Hz 0.4A Max
  • Output AC adapter: DC 24V/0.6A
  • Rated power of the adapter: <14.5w
  • Spraying mode: 1H/3H/5H/24H
  • Power of the main body: <10w
  • Atomising frequency: 2.4MHz
  • Using area: 10-15spm (approx.)
  • Effective tank volume: 150ml (approx.)
  • Material: PP, ABS, PVC
  • Auto shut-off when the liquid chamber has emptied

This product contains:

  • 1x Misting Dome
  • 1x Charging cable
  • 1x User Manual

Where Do I Buy The ONA Misting Dome?

You can buy the ONA Misting Dome conveniently from our website.

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