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The Garden HighPro Clip Fan 250mm (10″) is a powerful and efficient fan for hydroponic grow rooms. With the ability to move up to 100 cubic meters of air per hour, it provides fresh, oxygen-rich air to plants for improved growth and increased yields. The fan’s quiet operation and high-quality construction make it ideal for growers of all experience levels.

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Garden HighPro Clip Fan 250mm (10″) – The Perfect Fan for Hydroponic Grow Rooms

The Garden HighPro Clip Fan 250mm (10″) is the perfect addition to any hydroponic setup. This powerful and efficient fan can help improve plant growth, reduce pests and diseases, and increase yields.


  • Powerful airflow: The fan can move up to 100 cubic meters per hour, perfect for circulating air in a grow room.
  • Versatile functionality: It has a 90° rotating base and 360° rotating grid.
  • Quiet operation: The fan operates quietly with two speed settings and a 100% copper 20w AC motor, ideal for enclosed spaces.
  • High-quality construction: The fan construction includes high-quality materials, and its design will last many years.
  • Easy to use and install: The fan is easy to use and install and fixes securely to horizontal and vertical poles.


  • Improved plant growth: Proper air circulation is essential for plant growth. This 250mm Clip Fan can help improve plant growth by providing fresh, oxygen-rich air.
  • Reduced pests and diseases: Proper air circulation can help to minimise the risk of pests and diseases. The Garden HighPro can help to circulate air around the plants, which can help to prevent critters and unwelcome problems from spreading.
  • Increased yields: Proper air circulation can help to increase yields. This product can help to circulate air around the plants, which can help to improve photosynthesis and nutrient uptake.

How does this product work?

This Clip Fan circulates air around your hydroponic plants. This feature is essential because plants need fresh, oxygen-rich air to grow and thrive. Without proper air circulation, plants can become stressed, often contributing to stunted growth.

The fan features a 250mm (10″) diameter blade and can move up to 100 cubic meters of air per hour. This powerful airflow is perfect for circulating air in a grow room and ensuring your plants can access fresh air.

The fan is also very quiet, which is vital for enclosed spaces. You don’t want a noisy fan disturbing your plants or your own peace and quiet.

How do I use this product?

Using the Garden HighPro is easy. Use the included clip to attach the fan to the side of your grow space. The fan is adjustable so you can direct the airflow where needed most.

A good tip is to use the fan on a timer to ensure your plants receive consistent air circulation. A timer will also help you save energy and prolong the life of your fan.

When using the fan, it is crucial to position it to circulate air around all of your plants. This action will help ensure that every plant has access to fresh air and that pests and diseases are less likely to spread.


  • Diameter: 250mm (10 inches)
  • Power: 20W
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Speed: 2.100T/min
  • Engine: 100% copper engine
  • Speed: 2 speeds and stop
  • Fixing Systems: Adaptable to tubes up to 3cm diameter

Several other products are compatible with this Clip Fan to help create the perfect hydroponic setup. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Grow tents: A grow tent is the perfect way to create a controlled environment for your plants. It will help keep pests and diseases out and ensure your plants have access to the proper lighting and air circulation.
  2. LED grow lights: LED lighting is energy-efficient and provides the perfect light spectrum for your plants to grow and thrive.
  3. Nutrient solutions: Hydroponic plants rely on nutrient solutions to thrive. A high-quality fertiliser ensures plants receive all the nutrients they need to grow and produce high yields.
  4. pH meters: pH levels are essential for hydroponic plants. A pH meter can help ensure your plant’s nutrient solution is at the proper pH level.

Using these products with the Garden HighPro allows you to create the perfect hydroponic setup for your plants to thrive.

How do I buy a Garden HighPro Clip Fan 250mm (10″)?

You can easily buy a Garden HighPro Clip Fan 250mm (10″) from our online store.

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