ONA Block Dispenser


The ONA Block Dispenser evenly distributes Odour Neutralising Agent to destroy any unpleasant odours that escape your grow space.

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ONA Block Dispenser

The ONA Block Dispenser evenly distributes Odour Neutralising Agent to destroy any unpleasant odours that escape your grow space.

This handy product is ideal for hydroponic setups outside the growing area. It offers the following features:

  • ONA: suppliers of excellent, very reliable and long-lasting smell control
  • Works brilliantly well with small and medium-sized growing areas and grow tents
  • Has a choice of settings determined by the running time you need
  • Manages odours by chemically destroying them, not just masking them with stronger smells
  • Gradually and subtly releases the Odour Neutralising Agent
  • Very effective at eliminating unwanted odours
  • Predictable and regular operating schedule
  • Very easy to use and operate
  • Highly cost-effective and affordable

How Does it Work?

This product comes with a well-earned reputation for eradicating unwanted odours stone-dead. It’s a neat and compact little product, and its “smell-busting” capabilities are recognised internationally.

This brand is renowned for producing some of the most effective odour management products. These blocks rid their surroundings of nasty smells without replacing them with overpowering aromas in their wake.

The product contains a solid and concentrated mass made of essential oils-based ingredients derived naturally from plant-based sources, thus making it an excellent eco-friendly choice. It’s also a very sensible and natural alternative to the vast selection of chemically-based products which are also available.

How to Use?

For optimal use, the ONA Block Odour Neutraliser (purchased separately) should first be removed from its packaging material and placed in the dispenser.

Close the cover and turn on the fan. This action will move the Odour Neutralising Agent into the area you wish to be odour-controlled. The dispenser can mount on wall brackets. It takes two AA batteries (not included) and has some programmable options which set the unit to 24-hour, daytime or night-time operation. It can also run continuously, two on and two off, or 5/15 minutes on/off time.

Although these ONA Blocks contain only natural ingredients and sources, you should still follow practical standard safety and hygiene procedures.

Always wash your hands thoroughly if the product’s substance makes any contact with your skin, and you should avoid getting it into or near your eyes. If this happens, wash with plenty of warm water, or seek medical advice if the problem worsens.

ONA recommend that you do not use these products in the growing space because the scents are so strong that they may taint the aroma or the flavour of the produce. Instead, install the blocks and gels in adjoining areas to prevent contamination.

Where Can I Buy an ONA Block Dispenser?

You can easily buy an ONA Block Dispenser from our website.

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