House & Garden Drip Clean

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House & Garden Drip Clean is an additive that prevents various salts from accumulating in soil and coco substrates.

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House & Garden Drip Clean

House & Garden Drip Clean is an additive that prevents various salts from accumulating in soil and coco substrates.

It is particularly effective for use in all hydroponic and aeroponic systems. It is ideal when using base nutrients not made of top-quality materials, as this helps prevent toxicity.

Drip Clean uses a polarised potassium compound which bonds to other minerals, ensuring efficient nutrient uptake by your plants and that nozzles do not get clogged.

This product has several beneficial attributes, including:

  • Works well with other House and Garden products
  • For use in your drip irrigation system
  • Prevents clogging and dirt in nozzles and piping
  • It works with any base nutrient
  • It contains active minerals to give plants a boost

Drip Clean is handy if you use a drip irrigation method or gravity feed system (such as AutoPot systems). The product removes dirt particles from piping and nozzles, allowing your pipes and drains to remain clean.

This product also boosts your plants and improves their vitality and green colouring. This process takes place because the product ensures no salt build-up. This product can keep pot systems in outstanding nutritional balance and reduce the necessity and length of flushing.

How does House & Garden Drip Clean work?

Drip Clean is an additive designed to work with any drip-fed irrigation system. The product ensures that nozzles and pipes are free from blockages and remain clean and fully functioning. Some effects of jams in your drip-feed system include wilting plants and root damage and can even result in your plants dying if the drip-feed system fails.

How do I use this product?

Please avoid using this product in old hydroponic systems, as residues in old piping may break away and cause the blockages themselves.

To use the product, add 0.1ml per litre of nutrient solution into your hydroponic reservoir and stir well to mix. The product will prevent any build-up of dirt and any resulting blockages and give your plants a boost of minerals.

Use the product as directed and in conjunction with other House and Garden products.

Check out our other plant health products, including another cleaning solution from Dutchpro called Keep it Clean.

How do I buy House & Garden Drip Clean?

You can easily buy House & Garden Drip Clean from our website.

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