Dutchpro Keep it Clean

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Dutchpro Keep It Clean ensures that your hydroponic system remains free from any blockages to continue working at the peak of its effectiveness.

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Dutchpro Keep It Clean

Dutchpro Keep It Clean ensures that your hydroponic system remains free from any blockages to continue working at the peak of its effectiveness. 

Keep It Clean tackles any bacterial slime and algae and, at the same time, prevent any new algae from growing. The product dramatically inhibits the danger of fungal growth. 

As we all know, prevention is better than cure, so use Keep It Clean regularly to keep everything working better and for a more extended period. Dutchpro is a well-established manufacturer of nutrients and additives. Its products are well known for producing top-quality, abundant plants that you’ll always be proud to call your own. All their products are known to be value for money, and the entire range is very popular. 

Keep It Clean offers several benefits and attributes, and these include:

  • Produced by professional growers for more than a generation
  • The optimum choice for keeping your hydroponic system clean and effective
  • Works well with all other Dutchpro products
  • Highly concentrated and good value for money
  • It works perfectly in all hydroponic systems, especially useful for dripper systems
  • Works perfectly for all hydroponic growing media (coco, Rockwool, etc.)
  • Removes bacterial slime and algae and inhibits the growth of fungi

How Does it Work?

Keep It Clean has been formulated especially for use in hydroponic systems. It contains carefully selected cleansing agents known to be friendly to plants and very effective at fighting the causes of system blockages. 

This product is excellent for removing algae and different types of bacterial slime and stops them from coming back. It prevents fungi from growing as well. It is beneficial if you have a dripper system, but it works well for all hydro systems and enables them to run for much longer and at their full effectiveness without getting clogged up.

How to Use?

Keep It Clean is for plants growing in any hydroponic system and for all hydroponic growing media. The product is best used on a recurring, preventative basis as this will look after your system for a very long time. 

You should prepare your nutrient solution as you usually would and add Keep It Clean to it at a concentration of just 0.1ml per litre of nutrient solution. Yes, it’s that concentrated, and it goes a long way! 

Use a beaker or syringe for good, accurate measurement and a CF/EC/PPM meter (for example, a Truncheon meter from Bluelab) to check TDS. 

Then adjust the solution as necessary. Use a good pH meter such as the Bluelab pH Pen and measure the pH of your nutrient solution regularly, adjusting the pH levels up or down as necessary, working towards a recommended level of 5.8. 

You should never mix these products (or any boosters, nutrients or additives) straight from the bottle. Add each product separately to your nutrient solution, then stir before adding the next.

How Do I Buy Dutchpro Keep It Clean?

You can easily buy Dutchpro Keep It Clean from our website.

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