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Discover the transformative power of Athena Pro Fade for your hydroponic garden. This innovative, nitrogen-free flushing solution is specifically designed to enhance the flowering stage, significantly boosting terpene production. Athena Pro Fade maintains crucial nutrients like calcium and micro-elements, ensuring robust growth and preventing common issues like bud rot. Ideal for both beginners and experts, it’s the key to unlocking superior bloom quality and maximising your garden’s potential in just a few weeks.

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Unleash the True Potential of Your Blooms

Welcome to the future of hydroponic flowering with Athena Pro Fade – the game-changer your garden has been waiting for. Imagine a product that not only enhances the quality of your flowers but does so by harmonising nature’s complex processes. That’s Athena Pro Fade for you. It’s not just a nutrient solution; it’s a commitment to your plants’ health and your peace of mind. Whether you’re a seasoned hydroponics enthusiast or just starting, Athena Pro Fade simplifies your gardening while maximising your results.

Key Features, Benefits, and Attributes:

  • Nitrogen-Free Formula: Athena Nutrients Pro Fade is a groundbreaking nitrogen-free finishing enhancer that ensures that your plants focus on flowering without excess nitrogen that could hinder their growth.
  • Enhanced Terpene Production: By tapering nitrogen at the crucial flowering stage, Athena Fade stimulates your plants to ramp up terpene production, leading to richer aromas and flavours.
  • Optimal Calcium and Micro-Elements: This unique formula maintains critical calcium levels and micro-elements, safeguarding your plants against deficiencies and diseases like bud rot.
  • Innovative Flushing Technique: While common flushing methods can strip away vital nutrients, Athena Fade’s approach preserves essential nutrients, ensuring your plants remain robust and healthy.
  • Plant Vitality: Extensive testing has shown that using Athena Fade with Pro Bloom during the last few weeks of flowering significantly boosts terpene production without increasing the risk of deficiencies.
  • Easy-to-Follow Mix Procedure: Simplify your gardening routine with an easy-to-follow mix procedure that integrates seamlessly into your existing practice, ensuring a hassle-free transition to better-quality flowers.
  • Customisable Application Rates: Tailor your use of Athena Fade with adjustable application rates, allowing for precise control over your plant’s nutrition during the critical flowering phase.
  • Quality Assured Consistency: With the same liquid dilution rate as Pro Core (at 2 lbs per gallon concentrate), you can trust in the consistency and reliability of Athena Fade.
  • Comprehensive Crop Enhancement: From increasing essential oil production to enhancing overall flower quality, Athena Fade addresses every aspect of your plant’s flowering stage.

Athena Fade represents a significant leap in hydroponic nutrient technology, addressing a critical phase in plant development: the flowering stage. At its core, Fade works by aligning with the plant’s natural life cycle, enhancing its flowering potential while maintaining overall health and vigour.

Nitrogen Management for Optimal Flowering

The central feature of Fade is its nitrogen-free composition. During the late flowering stage, excess nitrogen can be counterproductive, potentially delaying flower maturation and affecting quality. By removing nitrogen, Pro Fade nudges the plant towards completing its life cycle, which is pivotal in increasing the production of terpenes and essential oils. This reduction in nitrogen mimics the natural depletion of nutrients that plants would experience in their outdoor environment, leading to a more organic and robust flowering process.

Balanced Nutrient Profile for Plant Health

While reducing nitrogen, Pro Fade continues to supply essential nutrients, particularly calcium and a tailored blend of micro-elements. This balanced approach is crucial in preventing common issues like bud rot and nutrient deficiencies. Calcium plays a vital role in maintaining plant cell integrity and overall health, especially in the flowering stage. The inclusion of micro-elements ensures that metabolic processes within the plant continue unabated, supporting robust growth and development.

Revolutionising Traditional Flushing Techniques

Traditional flushing methods often involve using only reverse osmosis water or tapering off a complete nutrient solution, which can inadvertently strip plants of essential nutrients. Pro Fade’s innovative approach allows for the continuation of feeding immobile nutrients like calcium while effectively removing nitrogen. This method ensures that plants do not experience the stress or nutrient deficiency typically associated with conventional flushing techniques.

Why Hydroponic Gardeners Need Pro Fade

For hydroponic gardeners, Pro Fade offers several compelling benefits. It simplifies the complex process of nutrient management during the flowering stage, ensuring that plants receive what they need for optimal development. Enhancing terpene production contributes to the quality and potency of the final yield. Additionally, its ease of use and compatibility with existing nutrient systems like Pro Bloom make it an accessible and practical solution for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Using Pro Fade in your hydroponic setup is a simple process designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing routine. Here’s a detailed guide to ensure you utilise this product effectively, enhancing the quality and potency of your hydroponic plants.

Transition to Pro Fade:

Timing: Begin the transition to Pro Fade at the onset of week 8 of your plant’s growth cycle, which is typically the late flowering stage.

Mixing: Replace your regular Pro Core concentrate in the stock tank with Pro Fade. Its formula combines effortlessly, maintaining the same liquid dilution rate as Pro Core (2 lbs per gallon concentrate).

Feeding Schedule:

Combination with Pro Bloom: For weeks 8 and 9, feed your plants with a combination of Pro Fade and Pro Bloom. This pairing ensures your plants receive the necessary nutrients minus the nitrogen.

Consistent EC Levels: Maintain total Electrical Conductivity (EC) levels during this period. Do not taper EC levels, as consistent nutrient strength is crucial for optimal results.

pH Management:

Monitoring: After mixing Pro Fade with your water, it’s essential to check and adjust the pH levels. Ideal pH levels are crucial for nutrient uptake.

Adjustments: If needed, adjust the pH to appropriate levels for your specific hydroponic setup.

Final Flush:

Using Athena Cleanse: In the last 1-3 days of the flowering cycle, flush your system with Athena Cleanse at a rate of 10 mL per gallon of RO water. The duration of the flush depends on your growing medium (1 day for rockwool, up to 3 days for coco).

EC Monitoring: Use a root zone EC meter or measure runoff EC to fine-tune this final flush, ensuring the removal of all excess nutrients.


Observe the Fall Fade: After following these steps, you can harvest your crop. You will notice a beautiful fall Fade in your plants, a sign of successful nutrient management and ripening.

Storage and Handling:

Proper Storage: Store Pro Fade in its original packaging, ideally at a temperature between 7° C and 29° C

Shaking Before Use: Always shake the bottle well before use to ensure the nutrients are well-mixed.

Cleaning Instruments: Use clean measuring instruments and avoid contaminating the bottle by inserting anything into it.

Check out Athena’s YouTube video showcasing the attributes of Pro Fade here.

How to Use Athena Pro Fade in Hydroponic Systems?

To use Pro Fade, start by replacing your regular Pro Core concentrate with Pro Fade at week 8 of the plant growth cycle. Mix it at the same dilution rate as Pro Core (2 lbs per gallon). Combine it with Pro Bloom for the following two weeks, maintaining complete EC levels. Finally, perform a flush using Athena Cleanse in the last few days before harvesting.

What is the Athena Pro Fade Feed Chart?

The feed chart guides you on the amount and frequency of Pro Fade application. Typically, you’ll use Pro Fade in combination with Pro Bloom during the last 2-3 weeks of flowering. The application rate generally is 10-16 mL of Fade per gallon of water. It’s crucial to maintain this schedule consistently for optimal results.

What Does Athena Fade Do, and Why is it Essential?

Athena Fade works to remove nitrogen while maintaining essential nutrients like calcium and micro-elements. This process promotes the plant’s natural progression towards flowering and enhances the quality of blooms by increasing terpene production. It’s essential for achieving high-quality flowers and avoiding common problems like bud rot and nutrient deficiencies.

How Do You Mix Athena Fade for Best Results?

Mix Athena Fade by replacing your existing Pro Core nutrient solution with Athena Fade at a dilution rate of 2 lbs per gallon. Ensure to adjust the pH after mixing. For the final weeks of flowering, use Athena Fade with Pro Bloom, following the recommended EC levels without tapering. For the flush, use Athena Cleanse at 10 mL per gallon of RO water.

  • Athena Nutrients Pro Line Core: A foundational nutrient solution, Athena Pro Line Core provides all the essential macro and micronutrients plants need throughout their growth cycle. It’s the perfect base for your hydroponic nutrient regimen, ensuring balanced nutrition that works in harmony with products like Athena Pro Fade during the flowering stage.
  • Athena Pro Line Grow: Tailored for the vegetative stage of your plants, Athena Pro Line Grow promotes vigorous growth and robust plant structure. Its formula works seamlessly with Athena Pro Line Core, ensuring your plants get a consistent and comprehensive nutrient profile from seedling to harvest.
  • Athena Pro Line Bloom: Specifically designed for the flowering stage, Athena Pro Line Bloom enhances flower development, density, and quality. When used with Pro Fade, it ensures your plants receive the perfect recipe of nutrients for exceptional bloom production without overloading them with nitrogen.
  • Athena Cleanse: This flushing agent is a crucial component in the final stages of your plant’s growth cycle. Athena Cleanse helps to remove excess nutrients and salt build-up, ensuring a clean and stress-free transition to harvest. It’s particularly effective when used after Pro Fade, aiding in the flushing process while maintaining the integrity of your blooms.

Boost Your Harvest with Athena Pro Fade

Step into a world where every bloom reaches its fullest potential with Athena Pro Fade. This innovative, nitrogen-free formula is your key to unlocking richer aromas, more vibrant flavours, and healthier plants. Tailor your hydroponic garden’s flowering stage with precision and ease. Add Pro Fade to your basket today, and embrace the future of high-quality, bountiful harvests. Your garden’s peak performance awaits!

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