Biobizz Root Juice

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Biobizz Root Juice is a 100% organic root stimulator that combines two superb natural substances, namely premium humic acid and seaweed.

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Biobizz Root Juice

Biobizz Root Juice is a 100% organic root stimulator that combines two superb natural substances, namely premium humic acid and seaweed.

It’s ideal for use in hydroponic growing systems as its formula encourages vigorous root development and enhances the natural biological life surrounding and supporting your plant’s root system.

This product works wonders in promoting healthy root development and triggering the various biological processes that support and foster plant root systems to ensure they grow strong and free of disease and deficiencies.

Root Juice offers numerous features and attributes, including:

  • Certified 100% organic root system stimulator
  • Created by leading Dutch manufacturers Biobizz
  • Encourages beneficial friendly microbial activity
  • Prevents the risk of root disease, root burning and overfeeding
  • Triggers excellent root growth
  • Completely safe for use in hydroponic systems and tanks
  • Ensures rapid and successful nutrient uptake
  • Protects and enhances your plants’ health and immune systems
  • Highly recommended for pre-soaking cubes (4ml/L) and propagation resources
  • Superb when used in the growth stage from rooted cuttings onwards
  • ideal for use with other BioBizz additives and nutrients

This product assists with the initial root development stage and the development of plants that have already successfully grown strong roots. It ensures that your plants are ready and able to absorb nutrients rapidly, which results in a vigorous and healthy crop at harvest.

How Does it Work?

Root Juice is a vegetable-based organic root stimulator renowned for naturally producing incredible root growth by encouraging healthy microbial activity within the plants’ root zone and increasing crop yield and good root health.

For a robust micro herd, you could use Ecothrive Neutralise to ensure that the chlorine/chloramine found in tap water doesn’t inhibit or kill off the friendly bacterial life that inhabits that important root region. Also, using a good inoculant such as Ecothrive Biosys will enhance the work that Biobizz products do.

Root Juice also includes seaweed and humic acid in its ingredients. The scientists have used their organic knowledge to create a root stimulator that promotes remarkable root growth in already rooted plants. It’s also handy as a pre-soak for propagation cubes.

How to use it?

Root Juice is generally for soil-based plants at all stages of their growth and development. It’s a beneficial and productive root stimulator from the rooted cuttings, the long vegetative stage, to the flowering phase.

  • It works at a concentration of between 2 and 5 ml per litre of water or nutrient solution.
  • Always mix well before you start feeding.
  • You can use this product regularly with your regular feeding routine right up to harvest.
  • If you’re using this for pre-soaking your propagation cubes, use it at a concentration of 4ml per litre.
  • Using as directed by the manufacturer and in combination with other BioBizz products will give your plants a healthy and vibrant root system right through your plants’ life cycle.
  • Never mix nutrients in their concentrated form. Always make sure that you add each one to your reservoir water or feed water one at a time, giving the solution a vigorous stir to mix it well before adding the next, and so on.
  • Recommended feed dosage is 2 to 5ml per litre regularly from rooted cutting through to the final flowering stage.

Where Do I Buy Biobizz Root Juice?

You can buy Biobizz Root Juice from our website.

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