New Millenium Ruby Ful#$%

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New Millenium Ruby Ful#$% is an entirely natural chelating agent that improves nutrient absorption within the plants’ root zones.

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New Millenium Ruby Ful#$%

New Millenium Ruby Ful#$% is an entirely natural chelating agent that improves nutrient absorption within the plants’ root zones. 

Inside the plant itself, it acts as a transporter allowing nutrients access to all areas of plants wherever they are most needed.

This item is ideal for use in hydroponic growing setups as it incorporates various worthwhile attributes and qualities, such as:

  • It contains the very highest quality fulvic acids
  • Designed to trigger better nutrient absorption in the plant root zone
  • Will improve your overall yield quality
  • Plant produce will have a far cleaner taste
  • It is a natural chelating agent
  • It contains a good source of molybdenum for much-improved nitrogen conversion
  • Able to maximise the efficacy of boosters and additives
  • Able to reduce salt build-ups in the growing media
  • Stimulates greater yields than would otherwise occur
  • Increases the value of the crop
  • Enables the best possible nutrient transport around the plant

How Does it Work?

Ruby Ful#$% contains the best quality fulvic acid, ensuring that all the benefits of this fantastic supplement work to the maximum. Used during the flush, it can help the plant transport any excess nutrients and waste products down and out of the plant.

This product will increase catalytic effects in processes related to elemental transfer within the plant. It will also reduce any build-up of salts within growing substrates and mineral-based fertilisers without increasing their EC or PPM levels. 

It will condition your tap water and plant rhizosphere for the best possible nutrient uptake.

Good quality fulvic acid makes a massive difference to any plant. Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring chelating agent that dramatically enhances nutrient absorption and transport rate inside plants. This superior nutrient uptake and distribution leads to increased yields and higher crop value with much-improved quality.

Fulvic acid is itself refined from humate or humic acids naturally found in soil and rich seams of leonardite around the world. Humate and humic acids are a beneficial mixture of different lengths of molecular chains. 

This product contains only the best quality fulvic acids, which are short chains with relatively low molecular weights.

Officially the product is known as a molybdenum fertiliser. Molybdenum is one of the micronutrients that appears in tiny amounts but is essential for several plant functions, including those enzyme activities which can break down nitrogen compounds such as ammonium. 

Without this molybdenum, your plants will suffer from deficiencies similar to nitrogen. Using this product will ensure that this molybdenum deficiency never rears its head.

How to Use?

Always shake the bottle thoroughly before use. 
Use through to the final flush, adding the product to your nutrient reservoir or feed water at 1.25ml per litre and stir well to mix.

As with all nutrients, additives and boosters, you should never mix them when in their concentrated form, straight out of the bottle. You should always add each product to your reservoir or feed water one by one giving it a good stir to mix before adding the next one.

Where Can I Buy New Millenium Ruby Ful#$%?

You can easily buy New Millenium Ruby Ful#$% from our online store.

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