Athena Nutrients Blended Line Starter Kit


Discover the essence of hydroponic success with the Athena Nutrients Blended Line Starter Kit. This all-inclusive package provides a meticulously crafted array of nutrients – Grow A&B, Bloom A&B, Cleanse, PK, CaMg, Balance, Stack and IPW – each designed to cater to your plants’ needs from the delicate seedling stage to the lush flowering phase. Eco-friendly and user-friendly, it’s the perfect choice for both beginners and experts. Embrace this kit for a vibrant, healthy, and bountiful hydroponic garden, achieving professional results with ease.

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Athena Nutrients Blended Line Starter Kit

Cultivate Perfection, From Seedling to Bloom!

Dive into the world of hydroponic excellence with the Athena Nutrients Blended Line Starter Kit – your comprehensive solution for every stage of plant growth. Whether you’re a veteran grower or just starting, this kit exists to simplify your gardening journey while maximising results. It’s packed with eight specially formulated nutrients (in 946ml bottles) and caters to your plants’ every need, ensuring they flourish from the fragile seedling stage to the full glory of bloom. Experience the ease of use and witness the remarkable transformation in your indoor garden with Athena’s premium-quality, eco-friendly nutrient solutions.

Features, Benefits, and Attributes:

  • Complete Nutrient Solution: This kit includes Athena Balance, Athena Grow A&B, Athena Bloom A&B, Athena Cleanse, Athena PK, Athena CaMg, Athena Stack, and Athena IPW, offering a full spectrum of essential nutrients.
  • Optimal pH Management: Athena Balance maintains the perfect pH level for maximum nutrient absorption and plant health.
  • Enhanced Growth and Flowering: Specifically tailored for hydroponic systems, the Grow A&B and Bloom A&B ensure robust vegetative growth and vibrant flowering, respectively.
  • Optimal Plant Health: Athena Cleanse keeps the root zone pristine, enhancing nutrient uptake and plant resilience.
  • Balanced Nutrient Profiles: Athena PK and CaMg deliver vital macronutrients and micronutrients, ensuring balanced growth and preventing deficiencies.
  • Natural Strength and Protection: Athena Stack, a natural kelp extract, strengthens plant cells and increases stress resistance, while Athena IPW offers organic protection against pests and mildew.
  • Versatility and Compatibility: Suitable for various growing methods and compatible with all irrigation systems, making it ideal for diverse hydroponic setups.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: The non-toxic formulations of these nutrients make them safe for both the environment and your plants.
  • Easy to Use: Clear instructions and a comprehensive feed program make it simple for both beginners and experts to achieve professional-grade results.
  • Customisable Feeding Schedule: The included feed chart allows for tailored nutrient application across different growth stages, catering to specific plant needs.

How Does The Athena Nutrients Blended Line Starter Kit Work?

The Blended Line Starter Kit operates on the principle of precision nutrition, a cornerstone in hydroponic gardening. This approach is crucial for indoor gardens, where controlling environmental factors is key to plant health and yield. Let’s delve into the science and functionality behind this bundle and understand why it’s a must-have for hydroponic gardeners.

In-Depth Functionality:

  1. pH Management with Athena Balance: Maintaining the correct pH level is crucial for effective nutrient uptake. Athena Balance ensures that your nutrient solution stays within the ideal pH range, facilitating optimal absorption of nutrients by the plants.
  2. Two-Part Nutrient Formulas (Grow A&B, Bloom A&B): These formulas are split into two parts to prevent nutrient lockout, a common issue in concentrated solutions. When mixed in water, they provide a full range of macronutrients (N, P, K) and micronutrients in forms readily available to plants. During the vegetative stage, Grow A&B encourage robust foliage growth. In the flowering phase, Bloom A&B support the development of flowers and fruits, enhancing both quality and quantity.
  3. Root Zone Optimisation (Athena Cleanse): This solution uses Hypochlorous acid to keep the root environment clean, preventing the build-up of harmful pathogens and optimising nutrient uptake. A healthy root zone is essential for efficient water and nutrient absorption, leading to stronger, more resilient plants.
  4. Balanced Nutritional Supplements (Athena PK, CaMg): Athena PK provides phosphorus and potassium, which are critical for bud development during the flowering stage. Athena CaMg supplements calcium, magnesium, iron, and nitrogen – key elements that support overall plant health and prevent deficiencies that can occur in hydroponic systems.
  5. Natural Plant Strengthener (Athena Stack): Derived from kelp, Athena Stack is a natural biostimulant. It improves plant resilience to stress and enhances cellular strength, contributing to overall vigour and productivity.
  6. Organic Pest and Disease Control (Athena IPW): This organic solution targets soft-bodied insects and mildew, safeguarding plants throughout their life cycle without the use of harsh chemicals.

Why It’s Essential for Hydroponic Gardeners:

  • Customised Nutrition: The kit meticulously addresses the multiple nutrient needs of plants at varying stages of their growth phase, leading to healthier plants and higher yields.
  • Ease of Use: Even for beginners, the clear instructions and comprehensive feed schedule make it simple to provide professional-level care.
  • Enhanced Plant Health and Yield: Each component of the kit works in synergy to ensure that plants are not just surviving but thriving, translating into bountiful harvests.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: The non-toxic, environmentally conscious formulations align with the sustainable principles of many hydroponic gardeners.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various water types and growing methods, this kit is adaptable to a wide range of hydroponic setups.

In summary, the Athena Blended Starter Kit is not just a set of nutrient solutions; it’s a comprehensive system designed to nurture every stage of your plant’s life to perfection. It’s a wise investment for growers who are serious about maximising the potential of their hydroponic garden. Check out the Blended Line video from Athena Nutrients here.

How Do I Use This Athena Nutrients Blended Line Starter Kit?

Understanding how to use this Starter Kit in your hydroponic setup effectively is key to harnessing its full potential. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring that you feel confident and well-informed to make the most out of your purchase.

Step-by-Step Usage Guide:


  • Before you begin, ensure that your hydroponic system is clean and free of any residues from previous grows. This step will help prevent any nutrient interactions or pH imbalances.

Water Quality Check:

  • Start with good quality water, ideally reverse osmosis (RO) water. This process ensures that the nutrients you add are the only variables in your system.

Mixing Nutrients:

  • Begin by adding the nutrients in the order listed in the feed program. This order is crucial to prevent a nutrient lockout.
  • Measure the nutrients carefully according to the feed program, adjusting based on your hydroponic system’s volume.
  • Stir well after adding each nutrient to ensure thorough mixing.

pH Adjustment:

  • Review the pH of your nutrient solution after mixing. The optimal pH range changes depending on the growth medium you’re using (Coco/Rockwool or Peat-based mediums).
  • Use Athena Balance as a pH-up solution if needed. Remember, do not use Athena Balance with NetaFlex systems.

Feeding Your Plants:

  • Follow the feeding schedule provided, which varies depending on the stage of growth (clone, veg, flower).
  • Pay attention to the EC (Electrical Conductivity) and PPM (Parts Per Million) guidelines. These values indicate the concentration of nutrients in your solution and should align with the stage-specific recommendations.

Foliar Spray Application:

  • For Athena IPW and Stack, use them as foliar sprays according to the spray program. This method boosts their effectiveness and provides direct benefits to the leaves and stems.

Monitoring and Adjusting:

  • Regularly check your plants for symptoms of nutrient deficiency or excess. Look for changes in leaf colour, texture, and overall plant health.
  • Adjust nutrient concentrations as needed based on your observations. This process is particularly important in changing environmental conditions.


  • Towards the end of the flowering stage, flush your system with RO water and Athena Cleanse. This process removes any residual nutrients, improving the quality and taste of your harvest.

Pre-soak and Flush Guidelines:

  • Follow the specific pre-soak guidelines for Coco or Rockwool mediums for optimal results.
  • Ensure that the final flush is done according to the guidelines to conclude your grow cycle.


How do you use Athena Blended in a hydroponic setup?

To use Athena Blended in your hydroponic system:

  • Start by mixing the nutrients according to the instructions in the feed program, carefully measuring them for your system’s volume.
  • Adjust the pH of your solution as needed, following the specific guidelines for your growth medium.
  • Feed your plants following the stage-specific schedule and monitor their response, adjusting nutrient levels as necessary.
  • Remember to use Athena Blended products like IPW and Stack as foliar sprays for enhanced effectiveness.

Can you use Athena Nutrients with Soil?

While Athena Nutrients are primarily for hydroponic systems, you can adapt them for use with soil. However, it’s important to consider that soil already contains some nutrients. Therefore, you might need to adjust the concentration of Athena Nutrients to prevent nutrient overload. Regularly monitor your soil’s nutrient content and pH levels to ensure optimal plant health.

How often should you feed Athena nutrients to your plants?

The frequency of feeding Athena nutrients depends on your plants’ growth stage. The provided feed schedule outlines a weekly feeding routine that varies from the clone stage to the vegetative and flowering stages. It’s important to follow this schedule closely and observe your plants’ response, as overfeeding or underfeeding can affect their health and growth.

What is the difference between Athena Blended and Athena Pro?

Athena Blended and Athena Pro lines cater to different levels of cultivation expertise and system types. Athena Blended is designed for versatility and ease of use, making it perfect for both newbies and experienced growers. Its formula works well in a variety of water types and growing methods. Athena Pro, on the other hand, is targeted more towards commercial growers and those with more experience. It offers higher concentrations and is tailored for more precise control over nutrient ratios, catering to large-scale or specialised hydroponic systems.

Recommended Products

  • Aqua Master Combo Pen P110 Pro: This high-precision instrument is essential for accurately measuring the pH, EC, and temperature of your nutrient solution. Its user-friendly design and reliable readings make it a perfect companion for the Athena Nutrients Blended Line Starter Kit, ensuring that your hydroponic system maintains optimal conditions for plant growth.
  • Grow Bitz Pressure Sprayer: A must-have tool for any hydroponic gardener, this sprayer is ideal for applying Athena IPW and Stack as foliar treatments. It offers an even and controlled distribution of the spray, ensuring that your plants receive the full benefits of these solutions for enhanced growth and protection against pests and diseases.

Each of these products plays a vital part in creating a harmonious and efficient hydroponic grow space. They complement the Athena Nutrients Blended Line Starter Kit by ensuring precise nutrient management, optimal pH balance, and effective application of foliar treatments, leading to a thriving hydroponic garden.

Transform Your Hydroponics with Athena Nutrients Blended Line Starter Kit

Begin your journey of unparalleled growth and flourishing beauty in your growing space with the Athena Nutrients Blended Line Starter Kit. This comprehensive kit, brimming with premium-quality nutrients, promises to simplify your gardening while maximising results. Perfect for both seasoned and novice gardeners, it’s time to transform your indoor garden into a lush, vibrant oasis. Add this kit to your collection today and step into a world of eco-friendly, efficient gardening excellence!

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