Athena Blended Cleanse

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Upgrade your hydroponic gardening with Athena Blended Cleanse. This innovative, plant-safe solution, crafted from Hypochlorous acid, is your key to a pristine root zone. It effectively combats unwanted organisms and buildup while ensuring optimal mineral and oxygen availability. Ideal for all growth stages, it promotes robust root development and maintains irrigation efficiency. Athena Cleanse is the non-toxic, eco-friendly choice for healthier plants and higher yields in any hydroponic setup.

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Athena Blended Cleanse

Unleash the Power of Pure, Plant-Safe Cleansing

Are you ready to dive into a game-changer in the world of plant care? Meet Athena Blended Cleanse – not just any ordinary plant treatment, but your new best friend in the hydroponic garden. Crafted with the magic of Hypochlorous acid, a wonder ingredient derived from salt through an innovative electrochemical process, Athena Cleanse is here to transform your plant care routine. Safe, effective, and incredibly versatile, it’s like a spa treatment for your plants, ensuring they grow healthy, strong, and more vibrant than ever. Whether you’re a veteran or just starting, Athena Cleanse is a must-have in your plant care arsenal. Let’s dig into what makes Athena Cleanse a true hero in the world of hydroponics.

Features, Benefits, and Attributes:

  • Non-Toxic Magic: Safe for plants at any growth stage, making it a worry-free choice for your green haven.
  • Balanced to Perfection: With a neutral pH, it seamlessly integrates into your routine without disrupting solution stability.
  • Oxidation-Reduction Champion: Increases ORP, boosting the health and energy of your plants.
  • Scale’s Worst Enemy: Breaks down scale, ensuring your irrigation systems stay in top-notch condition.
  • Biofilm Buster: Reduces biofilm, keeping your lines clear of unwanted organic material.
  • Low TDS, High Impact: Minimal TDS impact means no messing with your carefully balanced mineral harmony.
  • Root Growth Promoter: Encourages robust root development for more vigorous, healthier plants.
  • Ultimate Final Flush: Ideal for cleaning growing media, leaving it pristine for the next cycle.
  • Irrigation Efficiency Maximiser: This keeps your systems cleaner and running smoothly for more extended periods.
  • Mineral Buildup Fighter: Reduces mineral accumulation in media and lines, ensuring optimal plant health.
  • Oxygen and Nutrient Enhancer: Increases availability in growing media, so your plants get more of what they need.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for system maintenance, regular use, severe conditions, and even for cuttings/clones.
  • Cuttings’ Best Friend: Boosts cell health and immunity in fresh cuttings and clones for vigorous growth.
  • Recirculating System Savior: Ideal for RDWC and other recirculating systems to enhance oxygen and nutrient availability.
  • Media/System Flush Pro: Reduces residual mineral buildup, promoting richer flavours and aromas in the final product.
  • Foliar Application Friendly: Safe for foliar use, ensuring comprehensive plant care.
  • Surface Treatment Expert: Keeps cultivation surfaces and equipment clean without harmful chemicals, extending their life.

How Does Athena Cleanse Work?

Understanding the science behind Athena Cleanse is critical to appreciating its value in your hydroponic grow space. This product isn’t just a simple cleaning agent; it’s a sophisticated solution tailored to meet the unique needs of hydroponic systems and plants. Here’s a deep dive into how Athena Cleanse works and why it’s an essential addition to any hydroponic gardener’s toolkit.

The Science of Hypochlorous Acid:

At the heart of Athena Cleanse is Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a compound naturally produced by our immune system to fight pathogens. In Athena Cleanse, an advanced electrochemical process synthesises HOCI from salt. This results in a potent yet plant-safe chemical with exceptional oxidative properties, crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy root zone.

Oxidative Properties for Root Zone Health:

The oxidative nature of HOCl is what makes Athena Cleanse so effective. It helps in breaking down unwanted organic material and pathogens in the root zone without harming the plant. This oxidative action is gentle yet powerful, ensuring that the root environment remains conducive to growth and free from harmful microorganisms.

Enhancing Mineral and Oxygen Availability:

By keeping the root zone clean, Athena Cleanse significantly improves the availability of minerals and oxygen in the growing media. This feature is vital for hydroponic systems, where root oxygenation and nutrient uptake are crucial to plant health. The increased oxygen and nutrient availability means plants can absorb what they need more efficiently, leading to healthier growth and higher yields.

Preventing and Reducing Buildup:

Athena Cleanse is exceptionally effective at breaking down and preventing scale and biofilm buildup in irrigation systems. This process is crucial for hydroponic setups, where such buildups can lead to system inefficiencies and plant health issues. Regular use of Athena Cleanse in your system ensures that water and nutrient flow remain optimal, enhancing the total efficiency of your hydroponic setup.

Non-toxic and Eco-friendly:

Unlike many chemical treatments that can be harsh and potentially harmful, Athena Cleanse is non-toxic and eco-friendly. This attribute makes it a safe choice not only for your plants but also for you and the environment. Its neutral pH also means it integrates seamlessly into your existing hydroponic system without disrupting the balance.

Why Hydroponic Gardeners Need Athena Cleanse:

For hydroponic gardeners, maintaining a clean and efficient system is paramount. Athena Cleanse offers a simple yet highly effective solution to common hydroponic issues like mineral buildup, biofilm formation, and pathogen control. Its ability to enhance plant health, root development, and system efficiency makes it an indispensable tool for anyone serious about hydroponic gardening.

How Do I Use Athena Blended Cleanse?

Using Athena Blended Cleanse in your hydroponic setup is straightforward, but it’s essential to understand the different ways it can be applied to get the most out of its benefits. Here’s a detailed guide to help you confidently incorporate Athena Cleanse into your routine, ensuring your plants thrive and your system runs optimally.

System Maintenance:

Regular Maintenance: To keep your irrigation system in peak condition, regularly treat it with Athena Cleanse. A dilute mixture of 2-5 ml per 4 litres of water is ideal. This regular maintenance helps prevent scale, mineral buildup, and organic matter accumulation, extending the life and efficiency of your system.

Severe Conditions: If you’re dealing with severe buildup or contamination in your reservoir or growing media, increase the concentration to 5-10 ml per 4 litres of water. This stronger solution will more aggressively tackle these challenging conditions, restoring system health.

Cuttings and Clones:

For cloning machines and fresh cuttings, Athena Cleanse is a must. Dip fresh cuttings in a solution of 10 ml per 4 litres of water. This application improves cell health, increases immunity, and promotes vigorous growth. You’ll notice that treated cuttings develop bright white roots bursting with tiny feeder root hairs.

RDWC and Recirculating Systems:

In recirculating or deep water culture systems, use Athena Cleanse to enhance oxygen and nutrient availability. This process is crucial for preventing issues like anaerobic microbial growth and biofilm buildup. Regular use helps break down hard-to-dissolve mineral complexes, preventing nutrient lockout and ensuring healthy plant growth.

Media/System Flush:

During the final flush stage, mix Athena Cleanse at a rate of 5-10 ml per 4 litres of water. This action helps reduce residual mineral buildup in the growing media and plant tissues. It’s particularly beneficial in the final stages of plant growth, encouraging the production of more oils, aromas, and flavours.

Foliar Applications:

For foliar use, mix 375 ml of Athena Cleanse per 4 litres of water and spray evenly over your plants. Always test on a small area first to ensure no adverse reactions. This application can help maintain overall plant health and prevent surface pathogens.

Surface Treatment/Cleaning:

To maintain a hygienic growing environment, use a diluted solution of Athena Cleanse (375 ml per 4 litres of water) to spray cultivation surfaces, work areas, and irrigation equipment. This process helps keep your growing area free of harmful pathogens and extends the life of your equipment.

Confidence in Application:

By following these guidelines, you can effectively utilise Athena Blended Cleanse in various aspects of your hydroponic setup. Its versatility and ease of use make it an invaluable tool for maintaining plant health and system efficiency.

Check out Athena’s YouTube video here, which provides a thorough introduction to the product.


1. What does Athena Cleanse do?

Athena Cleanse is a powerful, plant-safe cleansing solution designed specifically for hydroponic systems. Its formula contains Hypochlorous acid derived from salt through a proprietary electrochemical treatment process. Athena Cleanse works by providing powerful oxidative properties, which help keep the root zone clean and free of unwanted organisms and buildup. It improves mineral and oxygen availability in the growing media, enhancing overall plant health and growth. Additionally, it prevents and reduces buildup in irrigation systems, ensuring optimal functioning.

2. How do you use Athena Cleanse for Clones?

For clones, Athena Cleanse is particularly effective. Dip your fresh cuttings in a solution of 10 ml of Athena Cleanse per 4 litres of water. This treatment improves cell health, increases immunity, and promotes vigorous growth. The solution fosters the development of strong, healthy roots, setting the stage for robust plant growth. Regular use of Athena Cleanse for clones ensures a higher success rate and healthier development from the outset.

3. Can Athena Cleanse be used during all stages of plant growth?

Yes, Athena Cleanse is safe and beneficial to use during all stages of plant growth. Its non-toxic formulation ensures that it can perform from the seeding phase through vegetative growth and right up to the flowering and fruiting stages. Regular use of Athena Cleanse helps maintain a clean root zone and optimal growing conditions throughout the plant’s lifecycle.

4. Is Athena Cleanse suitable for all types of hydroponic systems?

Athena Cleanse is versatile and suitable for a wide range of hydroponic systems, including deep water culture (DWC), nutrient film technique (NFT), ebb and flow, and aeroponics. Its effectiveness in breaking down scale and reducing biofilm makes it an ideal choice for maintaining the health and efficiency of various types of hydroponic setups.

Recommended Products

To enhance your hydroponic growing experience alongside Athena Blended Cleanse, we recommend the following products from the Athena Nutrients Blended Line. Each product works synergistically, ensuring your plants receive balanced nutrition and optimal care throughout their growth cycle.

  • Athena Nutrients Blended Line Grow A&B: This two-part nutrient system is essential for your plant’s vegetative stage. Grow A&B provides a comprehensive blend of macro and micronutrients, perfectly balanced to encourage vigorous growth and robust development. When used in conjunction with Athena Cleanse, it ensures your plants get the most out of both nutrition and a clean root environment.
  • Athena Nutrients Blended Line CaMg: Calcium and Magnesium are critical for plant health, especially in hydroponic systems. Athena’s CaMg supplement addresses common deficiencies in these vital nutrients, promoting stronger cell walls, enhanced nutrient uptake, and improved overall plant vigour. Pairing CaMg with Athena Cleanse enhances nutrient absorption, ensuring your plants stay healthy and robust.
  • Athena Nutrients Blended Line PK: During the flowering phase, plants require higher amounts of Phosphorus and Potassium. Athena’s PK blended formula meets these needs, encouraging abundant flowering and fruiting. When used alongside Athena Cleanse, it ensures a clean and efficient uptake of these crucial elements, leading to bountiful yields and high-quality produce.

Each of these products from the Athena Nutrients Blended Line exists to complement one another, creating a harmonious and effective nutrient system for your hydroponic garden. When combined with the cleaning and oxygenating power of Athena Cleanse, they provide a complete solution for optimal plant growth and health.

Upgrade Your Hydro with Athena Blended Cleanse

Embrace the unmatched efficiency and effectiveness of Athena Cleanse. Add it to your basket today and begin your journey towards a healthier, more vibrant hydroponic garden. Your plants will thank you!

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