Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom

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Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom is an organic flowering activator that increases growth rates by up to 20%. It enhances nutrient uptake, particularly calcium, and boosts photosynthesis, leading to healthier plants and bigger yields. Highly concentrated and versatile, it can be applied via roots or as a foliar feed. Ideal for any hydroponic system, Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom ensures robust growth and superior harvests.

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Boost Your Plants’ Growth Naturally and Efficiently

Ready to take your hydroponics to the next level? Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom is an organic flowering activator designed to increase growth rates by up to 20%. It enhances nutrient uptake, particularly calcium, and boosts photosynthesis, ensuring your plants thrive. With Pro Bloom, expect lush, glossy leaves and robust plant structures, leading to bigger and better harvests without any harmful chemicals.

Key Features and Benefits of Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom:

  • Organic Formula: Made with natural ingredients, ensuring no harmful chemicals are present in your final product.
  • Highly Effective: Increases growth rates by up to 20%.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Improves absorption and transport of nutrients, especially calcium.
  • Boosts Photosynthesis: Helps plants photosynthesise more efficiently for faster growth.
  • Versatile Application: This can be used via roots or as a foliar feed.
  • Improves Plant Health: Increases resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Highly Concentrated: Only 0.1ml per litre is needed, making it economical.
  • Enhances Microbial Activity: Boosts populations of beneficial fungi and bacteria in the root zone.
  • Trusted Brand: From Terra Aquatica, formerly known as General Hydroponics, a pioneer in hydroponic nutrients.

T A Pro Bloom is a revolutionary product that enhances the flowering and fruiting stages of your plants. It utilises a variety of mechanisms to ensure your plants reach their full potential.

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

One of the standout features of Pro Bloom is its ability to improve nutrient uptake, particularly calcium. By increasing the efficiency of nutrient transport, your plants receive more of the essential elements they need. This results in stronger, healthier plants that can support larger flowers and fruits.

Boosted Photosynthesis

Pro Bloom significantly boosts the photosynthesis process. When plants photosynthesize more efficiently, they grow faster and develop better. You’ll notice big, glossy leaves and robust plant structures. These improvements lead to higher quality and more abundant harvests.

Natural and Organic Formula

What sets Pro Bloom apart is its all-natural, organic formula. This attribute means there are no harmful chemicals that could contaminate your final product. Gardeners looking for a safe and effective solution will find Pro Bloom to be an excellent choice.

Versatile Application Methods

This product is also extremely versatile. You can apply Pro Bloom directly to the roots or as a foliar feed. This flexibility allows you to choose the best method for your specific growing setup, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Highly Concentrated Formula

A little goes a long way with T.A. Pro Bloom. The highly concentrated formula requires just 0.1ml per litre. This factor means a single bottle will last a long time, providing excellent value for your money.

Improved Resistance to Stress

Another significant benefit of Pro Bloom is its ability to increase your plants’ resistance to stress. This feature includes resistance to pests, diseases, and other environmental stresses. As a result, your plants are more likely to thrive and produce high-quality yields.

Boosts Beneficial Microbial Activity

Pro Bloom also boosts populations of beneficial fungi and bacteria in the root zone. These microorganisms play a crucial part in breaking down organic matter and making nutrients more available to your plants. This aspect enhances overall plant health and growth.

Using Pro Bloom in your hydroponic setup is straightforward and highly effective. Follow these guidelines to ensure your plants get the most out of this amazing product.


Before using Pro Bloom, always shake the bottle well. This step ensures that all the ingredients are properly mixed and ready for application.

Application Rate

For best results, apply Pro Bloom at a rate of 1ml per 10 litres of nutrient solution. This high concentration means you’ll only need a small amount, making it very economical.

Adding to Nutrient Solution

To incorporate Pro Bloom into your nutrient solution, first treat your water with Ecothrive Neutralise. This step neutralises the chlorine content, maximising the pro-microbial effects of Pro Bloom.

Next, add Pro Bloom to your reservoir or feed water. Stir the solution well to ensure it’s thoroughly mixed before adding any other nutrients, boosters, or additives. Remember, never mix them in their concentrated forms.

Application Timing

Start using Pro Bloom when you first notice signs of flowers or fruits. Continue using it throughout the flowering and fruiting stages. However, stop its application during the final flush to ensure the best possible results.

Versatile Application Methods

You can apply Pro Bloom via the roots or as a foliar feed. For root application, add it to your nutrient solution as described. For foliar feeding, mix it with water at the same concentration and spray directly onto the leaves. This versatility allows you to tailor its use to your specific growing conditions and plant needs.

Maximising Effectiveness

To get the most out of this bloom booster, combine it with your regular nutrient regimen. It enhances the effectiveness of other nutrients by improving nutrient uptake and transport. This synergy leads to faster growth and better overall plant health.

Check out the Terra Aquatica website for more information about this and their other hydroponic nutrients.

How often should I use a Bloom Booster?

You should use Pro Bloom from the first signs of flowers or fruits and continue throughout the flowering and fruiting stages. However, stop using it during the final flush. Consistent application during these stages ensures your plants receive the maximum benefits.

Can I use Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom with other nutrients?

Absolutely! Pro Bloom is able to complement your existing nutrient regimen. It enhances nutrient uptake and transport, making other nutrients more effective. Just remember to mix each nutrient, booster, or additive separately into your reservoir or feed water.

Is Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom safe for all hydroponic systems?

Yes, Pro Bloom is versatile and can be used in any hydroponic system or grow medium. Whether you’re using a deep water culture, ebb and flow, or any other hydroponic setup, it will deliver excellent results.

What makes Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom different from other bloom boosters?

Pro Bloom stands out due to its organic, natural formula that boosts photosynthesis and nutrient uptake without harmful chemicals. Its high concentration means you use less product, saving you money while delivering impressive results. Plus, its ability to increase resistance to pests and diseases makes it an essential tool for any hydroponic gardener.

  • Ecothrive Neutralise: This product neutralises chlorine in your water, which maximises the pro-microbial effects of Pro Bloom. By creating a healthier environment for beneficial microbes, your plants can better absorb nutrients and grow stronger.
  • Terra Aquatica TriPart Flora Micro: This is the foundation of the TriPart system, providing essential micro-nutrients. When used with Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom, it ensures your plants receive a balanced diet, enhancing overall growth and development.
  • Terra Aquatica TriPart Flora Grow: Designed to promote vigorous vegetative growth, Flora Grow works perfectly with Pro Bloom during the early stages of your plant’s life cycle. Together, they create a seamless transition from vegetative growth to flowering.
  • Terra Aquatica TriPart Flora Bloom: This product focuses on enhancing flower and fruit development. Combined with Pro Bloom, it boosts the flowering phase, ensuring bigger, healthier yields. Use it alongside Pro Bloom for maximum flower production and quality.

These products, when used together, create a comprehensive nutrient regimen that supports every stage of your plant’s growth. By integrating these solutions, you’ll achieve optimal results in your hydroponic setup.

Advance Your Hydroponics with Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom

Transform your indoor gardening experience with Pro Bloom. Achieve up to 20% faster growth, bigger yields, and healthier plants with our natural, highly effective formula. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your hydroponic setup to the next level. Add Pro Bloom to your basket today!

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