CO2 Fusion Foliar Spray

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CO2 Fusion Foliar Spray is a spray that contains a high level of carbon dioxide and plant extracts, including saccharides, carbs, and amino acids.

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fCO2 Fusion Foliar Spray is a spray that contains a high level of carbon dioxide and plant extracts. This includes saccharides, carbs and amino acids.

The product is ideal for use in hydroponic growing systems.

Carbon dioxide is crucial for achieving the best photosynthesis results. Crops grown hydroponically may lack valuable carbon dioxide, usually present in the soil. While using this product, your plants will have dissolved inorganic carbon (also known as DIC) directed to the leaves and so optimising the potential of your crop.

Features and Benefits

  • It goes directly to where it’s needed.
  • Passive diffusion of CO2 is unreliable in hydroponics, so this is a simple, fast remedy.
  • It may be used on cuttings and mature plants, speeding up the rooting.
  • It also contains potent plant extracts such as saccharides, carbs and amino acids.
  • It’s best to apply in the early vegetative stage.

Carbon dioxide is crucial as a driver of photosynthesis, and though a lot of the time plants get this CO2 from the air, this is not true all of the time.

More than 10% of CO2 is from the soil as dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), and in a soil-free environment such as hydroponics, plants may not get their fair share of this element.

Therefore by spraying CO2 Fusion Foliar Spray onto your plants’ leaves, you’re giving back this DIC straight to where it’s needed. Plants sprayed with this product will no longer need to rely on the passive CO2 diffusion from the air to obtain adequate CO2 resources. This DIC, as well as being important in photosynthesis, is also crucial in triggering specific respiratory and physiological mechanisms within plants.

Dissolved Inorganic Carbon also creates the optimum pH levels for a foliar spray.

The product ensures that the plant hormones (responsible for managing the stomatal pores on leaves), keep the pores fully open and the plant’s transpiration system runs at maximum levels as it exchanges CO2 and water.

The DIC in CO2 Fusion increases with the addition of plant extracts that get the best out of the carbon and stabilise it for when it’s in use. The organic carbon includes saccharides (glucose, mannose and rhamnose), carbohydrates (galactan and mannan), and amino acids to help assimilate carbon in your plants and form a protective micro-colloidal layer when sprayed directly onto the leaves.

For cuttings and seedlings, spray mist CO2 Fusion directly onto foliage two or three times a day. For established plants, spray two or three times per day.

You can use the product up to two weeks before harvest and for best results, do this during the lights ON period, ensuring that the whole plant is liberally covered. This application will cause no burning to the leaves when sprayed during full light conditions.

How Can I Buy CO2 Fusion Foliar Spray?

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