Lurpe Green Sunrise Compost Tea

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Lurpe Green Sunrise Compost Tea is a live fertiliser beneficial for plants during the vegetative growth phase.

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Lurpe Green Sunrise Compost Tea

Lurpe Green Sunrise Compost Tea is a live fertiliser beneficial for plants during the vegetative growth phase.

Compost Tea is a healthy blend of bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa that provide disease protection through balanced nutrition.

This product contains vital nutrients and biostimulants for plants and beneficial microbes to help produce and maintain a healthy soil system.

How does Green Sunrise Work?

For growth and reproduction, plants require up to 17 specific micronutrients and macronutrients. When compost and water are combined, soluble nutrients are released into the mixture and are simple to get when using liquid.

Since the liquid environment contains organic materials and other nutrients, it encourages the growth of microbes. Bacteria and other microbes are attracted to growing roots and seed germination. Microorganisms consume different exudates that plants release into the soil.

Certain microorganisms release metabolites and other waste products associated with growth and reproduction that aid in the development of plants by decreasing plant diseases and increasing nutrient turnover.

Compost extracts have been used for many years because they work. Although they can be erratic and random, they will promote plant development.

For more information about beneficial plant additives, you might like to read our growing advice article about “The Best Nutrients for Hydroponics“?

Green Sunrise is a versatile product that works in irrigation and foliar spray. Experienced growers apply this product as a foliar spray to cover the leaf surface with protective microbes to help deter pathogens.

This fertiliser is an essential addition to your grow room kit to help achieve a healthy crop. It has the following handy benefits:

  • It produces only the purest aromas.
  • It helps maintain and promote clean flavours.
  • Your crops will be healthy and robust.
  • Green Sunrise is water-efficient without losing performance.
  • All ingredients are ideal for use in Organic farming.

How to Use?

Lurpe Natural Solutions only select the highest quality ingredients when producing Green Sunrise. Combining herbs and other components ensures this product is the perfect accompaniment to your grow space.

  1. Pour Green Sunrise (80ml) plus Worm Castings (160ml) into 10L of chlorine-free water.
  2. Oxygenate for 24-48 hours and irrigate without filtering.
  3. Store product in a cool, dry place (5-25°c)

How do I buy Lurpe Green Sunrise Compost Tea?

You can easily buy Lurpe Green Sunrise Compost Tea from our website.

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