Hyline Hygrozyme

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Hyline Hygrozyme is a genuinely innovative enzyme supplement that works by breaking down old roots into food for your plants while creating space for new roots to develop.

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Hyline Hygrozyme

Hyline Hygrozyme is an innovative natural enzyme supplement that works by breaking down old roots into food that will nourish your plants while simultaneously creating space for new roots to develop.

Hygrozyme is unique as it contains no living organisms and works throughout the plant life cycle for a healthier root system. It’s ideal for use in all hydroponic systems and growing media and has quite a few distinct features and attributes, including the following:

  • Unique and innovative enzyme and nutrient supplement
  • Uses old roots by turning them into food for your plants
  • Enables space to be made for new roots to grow
  • Prepares growing media and substrates to reuse again
  • Works well with peroxide-based products
  • Made entirely from natural and eco-friendly ingredients
  • Extremely long shelf life
  • Keeps the root zone free of disease and pathogens

How Does it Work?

Hyline Hygrozyme is a unique enzyme product created by an unusual fermentation method that results in enzymes and chains of amino acids, all entirely free of bacteria. These enzymes break down the old root matter to become food for your plants, creating space for newer roots to grow and generating a healthier root zone.

Hygrozyme contains only natural ingredients, so you can use it as part of your regular feeding schedule. And because it contains no bacteria, the product has a nearly unlimited shelf life. It also works with any peroxide products.

The enzymes in this product work at their optimum strength in the pH and temperature ranges which best suit growing plants in both soil and hydroponics. It’s important to use the appropriate enzymes for specific purposes. For example, you need cellulase enzymes to break down dead roots. The four main active enzymes are as follows:

  • Cellulase: 5,000 U/mL
  • Xylanase: 500 U/mL
  • Hemicellulase: 375 U/mL
  • Beta-Glucanase: 200 U/mL

How to Use?

Hygrozyme is safe to use through the complete growing process or as a soak to eliminate dead root matter in old media and prepare them for subsequent growth.

Shake the bottle before use before adding the product to your regular nutrient solution at a concentration of 2ml per litre. Check the pH using a suitable pH Meter and adjust as necessary.

Use it at the same concentration for treating seedlings or cuttings and for pre-treating Rockwool cubes. As with all nutrients, additives and boosters, never mix them in their concentrated form straight out of the bottle. Always add to your reservoir one at a time and stir to combine well. The recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

  • Cutting/Seedling: 1.5mls
  • Vegetative Stage: 2 to 2.5mls
  • Flowering Stage: 2 to 2.5mls

Where Do I Buy Hyline Hygrozyme?

You can easily buy Hyline Hygrozyme from our site.

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