What are the best Nutrients for Hydroponics?

Cultivating your own organic vegetables and herbs can be great fun and add incredible value to your diet and save money over commercial produce. Many have enjoyed taking responsibility for and caring for their own organic vegetables and herbs for years and still have a great interest in growing their own.

It is one popular pastime that provides a sense of accomplishment, peace and pleasure as you watch your beautiful, healthy green buds grow from your own homegrown organic plants.

There are many great things about hydroponics, and the best way to start growing plants this way is by following some simple hydroponics guidelines.

The first thing to remember is the importance of having specific nutrients on hand before you even think about trying to grow your plants.

One essential nutrient is nitrogen. This element helps make the roots more root-bound and easier to take care of. Another vital nutrient is phosphorus which allows the plant to absorb carbon dioxide from the air to help create sugars in the leaves.

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Always follow the directions carefully to get the most out of your particular plants.

The basic rule of thumb for hydroponics fertilisers is the more nutrients per volume of substrate, the more healthy and robust your hydroponically grown crops will be. Fertilisers should also be changed every three weeks. Be careful not to overwater the plants by watering too often.

Other nutrients that help with hydroponic plant nutrition are calcium, potassium and magnesium. These three nutrients are very important to the hydroponics process. Another three nutrients, in particular, especially important to new hydroponic beginner growers are nitrogen, carbon dioxide and phosphorus.

Nitrogen is needed to form nitrates. When plants get enough nitrogen, they will start to produce fruits, vegetables or flowers. Plants need a good amount of calcium to grow strong and healthy. Potassium is needed for many people’s favourite foods, including chocolate, orange juice, fizzy drinks, and baby food. Phosphorus is needed for protein production and exists in such products as meat, cheese and peanut butter.

These nutrients are great for hydroponics, but other nutrients are also beneficial.

One extremely important nutrient is nitric oxide needed to build your plants’ root systems. When you add this to your growing plant food, they will thrive and grow better because of the nitric oxide.

Other nutrients that are great to have available are calcium, for strong structure and branches and magnesium for photosynthesis by your plants.

Magnesium is also good for the health of cocoa pods and green beans. It assists with getting your plants to absorb iron from the cocoa pods.

If you’re getting started in hydroponics, I recommend looking at our range of nutrient packages available in our Nutrients and Boosters section. They will all give you everything needed to grow better quality plants. Remember to check what kind of water and nutrients your growing system needs before putting them into the water.