Growth Technology Nitrozyme

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Growth Technology Nitrozyme is a very concentrated blend extracted entirely from sea plants and which includes a huge number of growth enhancers, all of them naturally occurring.

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Growth Technology Nitrozyme

Growth Technology Nitrozyme is a concentrated blend extracted entirely from sea plants and includes a considerable number of growth enhancers, all naturally occurring.

It is known to cause superb yield increases over many testing methods and is excellent for use in hydroponic growing systems, offering growers considerable attributes and features, including the following:

  • Known to enhance growth rates markedly across almost all plant species
  • From the well-respected Growth Technology labs
  • Works well in all growing media
  • It works well when used with all types of growing system
  • Made from 100% natural sea plant extracts
  • Safe to use
  • It contains natural micronutrients, bio-stimulants and growth enhancers
  • It may be used as a foliar spray or as a root-feed product
  • It works very well with other boosters and additives from the same maker

How Does it Work?

Nitrozyme comes from sea plant extracts in highly concentrated form. It contains many growth enhancers, is all-natural, and provides a significant boost to plants from the seedlings/cuttings stage to flowering.

The product is also known for its safety and reliability and can work as a foliar spray or root feed. The growth enhancers and bio-stimulators in this product increase the speed of plant development, and the micronutrients help bolster the plant’s immune system, making it difficult for disease to take hold.

It decreases the time your plants need to wait before their flowering phase begins.

How to Use?

Growth Technology Nitrozyme works on cuttings, seedlings, young plants, and plants in their vegetative stage where they’re about to start budding.

It works well in any growing medium and all types of growing systems, and you can use it at each watering or reservoir change as necessary.

Shake the bottle well before use. In soil or coco, add between 1 and 2ml per litre to your feed water and stir well to mix.

Specifically for hydroponics, you should use 5 to 10ml per litre of reservoir water and stir well to mix.

You should add 5ml per litre of water for foliar feeding and mix the solution well. Spray your plants liberally from top to bottom, ensuring that all the leaves’ tops and bottoms are thoroughly wetted.

Don’t let any liquid come into close contact with your grow lights to prevent leaf burn. The best time to spray is in low-light conditions or just as the lights go out for the dark period, as this will help avoid leaf burn due to the intensity of the light as it hits the wet leaves.

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them in their concentrated form directly from the bottle. Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water one by one, giving your nutrient solution a good stir to mix it thoroughly before adding the next, and so on.

How Can I Buy Growth Technology Nitrozyme?

You can easily buy Growth Technology Nitrozyme from our website.

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