Biobizz Bio Heaven

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BioBizz Bio Heaven is a formula that works as a biological stimulant for plants. It is 100% organic and is created entirely from natural protein sources.

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Biobizz Bio Heaven

BioBizz Bio Heaven is a formula that works as a biological stimulant for plants. It is 100% organic and is created entirely from natural protein sources.

The product is rich in amino acids, essential for a plant’s healthy cell structure and metabolism. Allowing your plants to be nourished by these amino acids (the basic building blocks of life) has several benefits. These include boosting a plant’s energy level and increasing the delivery of nutrients into the plant; it also improves chlorophyll production and frees the plants from any danger of toxin build-up because of stresses, including temperature changes.

The NPK ratio of this product (the relative balance within the production of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) is 0.91 – 0.18 – 0.24.

Bio Heaven can stimulate the activity of enzymes and rapid nutrient absorption and increase the chelate of macro and micronutrients in your plants. As a result, plants can hold onto more moisture and tolerate lower humidity. In addition, this product provides a good supply of carbonic acid for microbes within the soil, leading to a greater yield of better quality.

Characteristics and advantages of  Bio Heaven include:

  • Increased chelation of nutrients which are essential for healthy growth
  • Boosts the plant’s immune system
  • Improves chlorophyll
  • Improves respiration and moisture retention
  • A good carbon source for microbes in the soil
  • Increased nutrient absorption and uptake

This product is most useful for growers who wish to reduce the stress on their plants and ensure their plants remain well-nourished and healthy. It helps rid plants of toxins that build up in stressful times, stimulates growth and is ideal for chlorophyll repair.

Bio Heaven works as part of a mineral-based feeding schedule; in some cases, this has increased the uptake of essential minerals and trace elements by an incredible amount, from about 35 to 95%.

How to Use?

Bio-Heaven works throughout the growing and fruiting/flowering stages on all substrate types. With All Mix or Light Mix, your best starting dose is 2ml and increasing to up to 5ml per litre of water. Mix this well before feeding to your plants. Use Bio Heaven from the plant’s second week of growth to two weeks before its harvest and regularly in your feeding schedule two weeks before harvest.

When used by itself or in conjunction with other products, Bio Heaven will give your plants an optimised and healthy, robust growth. Like every additive, nutrient or booster, never mix these in their highly concentrated form. Never use these together straight from their bottles. You should only add each of these additives, nutrients or boosters individually, one at a time. Always give the mixture a good stir before adding the next one. Keep all such compounds and mixtures out of reach from children.

How do I Buy Biobizz Bio Heaven?

You can buy BioBizz Bio Heaven directly from our website.

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