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Experience the pinnacle of organic gardening with Biobizz All Mix. This 100% organic, soil-based medium is for hydroponic enthusiasts. Crafted by the renowned Biobizz, All Mix ensures optimal plant growth throughout all stages. Its unique composition, rich in nutrients, promises robust plant health and yield. Available in 20L- and 50L sizes, it’s the ultimate choice for gardeners seeking natural, sustainable solutions. Dive into a transformative gardening journey with Biobizz All Mix.

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Biobizz All Mix: Organic Brilliance for Container Gardening

Dive into the world of container gardening with Biobizz All Mix, a 100% organic, soil-based growing medium. Crafted by the renowned Dutch brand, Biobizz, this product stands out as the gold standard for those seeking natural, sustainable solutions in their gardening journey. Available in 20L and 50L sizes to fit every gardener’s needs, from novices to seasoned experts.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Certified Organic: Biobizz All Mix is a 100% organic certified potting soil mix, ensuring natural growth.
  • Optimal Growth: This pre-fertilised product promises superb plant growth.
  • Airy Texture: Its well-oxygenated texture guarantees a robust root system.
  • Versatile: Suitable for both veg and flowering stages.
  • Rich Composition: A unique blend of soil, worm casings, compost, and perlite.
  • Bio-active Compounds: Comes with a pre-mix of bio-active organic elements.
  • Complementary: Perfectly pairs with other Biobizz products.

How does this product work?

All Mix isn’t just any soil mix; it’s a recreation of the nutrient-rich outdoor soils tailored for indoor settings, especially container gardening within the broader hydroponic community. It fosters a vibrant ecosystem within your growing space. This ingenious concoction of soil, worm casings, compost, and perlite delivers a nutrient-packed environment, sustaining vigorous plant growth for weeks without the need for additional fertilisers. 

Unlike many other products, Biobizz ensures a natural approach, excluding mineral salts like magnesium or sulphates commonly found in synthetic fertilisers. This organic composition grants All Mix an outstanding Electrical Conductivity (EC) value.

How do I use this product?

Embarking on your All Mix journey? Start by moistening the mix with water and let it sit for approximately 36 hours. This waiting period activates the fertiliser and microorganisms, prepping the substrate for your plants. For optimal results, maintain a warm soil temperature. Cold soil can hinder microbial activity, affecting plant growth. Always let the soil dry between waterings, ensuring it breathes adequately. Typically, All Mix provides sufficient nutrients for the initial four weeks post-potting. For an added boost, consider integrating Biobizz’s Root Juice, enhancing root zone health and development.

The Hydroponic Advantage with Biobizz All Mix

Hydroponics has revolutionised how we approach agriculture and home gardening. This method can yield unparalleled results when combined with a premium product like All Mix.

Understanding Hydroponics:

Hydroponics primarily relies on delivering nutrients directly to plant roots via a water-based solution. This direct approach ensures plants receive precise nutrients, leading to faster growth and higher yields. But the choice of growing medium plays a pivotal role in this process.

Why Biobizz All Mix is a Hydroponic Game-Changer:

  • Water Retention: Biobizz All Mix has an exceptional ability to retain just the right amount of water, ensuring roots are neither too dry nor overly saturated.
  • Natural Buffering: The organic components in All Mix act as natural buffers. This action means that even if slight imbalances exist in the nutrient solution’s pH or EC, the mix can help mitigate potential plant harm.
  • Sustainability: In an era where sustainability is essential, using a 100% organic medium like All Mix reduces the environmental impact. There’s no reliance on non-renewable peat moss or synthetic chemicals.

Enhancing Your Hydroponic Experience:

For those looking to optimise their hydroponic setups further, consider the following:

  • Regular Monitoring: Regularly check the pH and EC of your nutrient solution. Biobizz All Mix’s organic nature can influence these parameters, ensuring they remain within the desired range for optimal plant growth.
  • Companion Products: While All Mix is nutrient-rich, consider adding liquid organic fertilisers from the Biobizz range during the flowering stage for enhanced blooms.
  • Pest and Disease Management: The organic nature of All Mix can deter many pests and diseases. However, always be vigilant. Introduce beneficial insects or organic pesticides if needed.

Recommended Products for Hydroponic Experts:

  • Biobizz Root Juice: An exceptional root stimulator, Root Juice is crafted to kickstart and enhance robust plant root systems. Made entirely from vegetable ingredients, it ensures a natural boost and promotes enhanced nutrient uptake, leading to healthier plants.
  • Biobizz Bio-Grow: This organic liquid growth fertiliser is suitable for most soil types. Derived from beet molasses, Bio-Grow is nutrient-rich, providing the essential sugars ideal for beneficial bacteria in the soil. Its versatility even allows it to be used late in the flowering phase as a plant tonic.
  • Biobizz Bio-Bloom: A natural bloom formula, Bio-Bloom ensures plants experience abundant flowering and fruit production. Packed with minerals, it contains trace elements and hormones of vegetable origin that enhance nutrient absorption. It’s also pivotal in maintaining stable pH levels during the flowering phase.
  • Biobizz Top-Max: Designed to be a flowering strengthener, Top-Max enhances the size and weight of flower clusters, promising a more bountiful harvest. With organic ingredients like fluvic and humic acids, it stimulates the flowering cells of plants. Additionally, Top-Max can produce larger, sweeter, and more flavorful crops.

Biobizz All Mix is more than just a soil mix; it promises lush, healthy plant growth in a controlled, hydroponic environment. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gardener, All Mix offers a seamless gardening experience, ensuring your plants receive the best care possible. Embrace organic gardening with Biobizz All Mix and witness the transformative power of nature combined with science.

How Can I Buy Biobizz All Mix?

You can easily buy Biobizz All Mix from our online store by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu above.

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