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VitaLink Coco Max A&B is a highly-concentrated 2-part nutrient solution specifically designed to enhance growth and maximise yields in coco coir. With its balanced blend of macro and micronutrients, including chelated iron, for wide pH availability, Coco Max promotes robust growth, flowering, and fruiting stages. Suitable for various hydroponic systems, it delivers exceptional results in hand-watering, flood and drain, gravity feeding, and drip systems. Choose between Hard Water (HW) and Soft Water (SW) variants. Elevate your hydroponic endeavours and unlock your plants’ full potential with VitaLink Coco Max A&B.

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VitaLink Coco Max A&B: Unlock the Potential of Coco Coir for Vigorous Growth and Optimum Yields

Are you seeking a nutrient solution to take your hydroponic setup to new heights? Look no further than VitaLink Coco Max A&B, the ultimate two-part nutrient explicitly formulated for robust growth and exceptional yields when cultivating plants in coco coir. With its highly concentrated and balanced composition, this powerhouse nutrient gives your plants everything they need for outstanding results throughout the growth and flowering stages.

Powerful Formulation for Unparalleled Results

VitaLink Coco Max boasts a highly concentrated 2-part formulation that delivers a precise blend of macro and micronutrients essential for your plants’ vitality. The optimal NPK ratio ensures exceptional growth, flowering, and fruiting, allowing you to achieve the bountiful harvests you’ve always dreamed of. What sets Coco Max apart is its ability to provide exceptional iron availability over a wide pH range. Chelated with EDDHA, iron guarantees that your plants will never experience deficiencies, even during periods of high demand. This vital element is crucial in chlorophyll production, enabling efficient photosynthesis and promoting healthy plant development.

Enhanced Uptake and Nutrient Absorption

VitaLink Coco Max goes beyond standard nutrient solutions by incorporating fulvic acid and chelated micronutrients. These components work together to enhance your plants’ uptake of the nutrient solution, resulting in improved photosynthesis and more robust growth and flowering. By facilitating the absorption of essential nutrients, Coco Max ensures that your plants receive the optimal nourishment they need to thrive in coco coir.

Versatile Application Methods

With VitaLink Coco Max, you can choose the most suitable hydroponic system for your setup. Whether you prefer hand-watering, gravity feeding, flood and drain, or drip systems, this nutrient solution is compatible with various applications. Coco Max has undergone rigorous testing with VitaLink 100% Coir, demonstrating exceptional results in growing trials.

The Foundation for Healthy Growth

Maintaining the minimum recommended dose rate for your plants stage of development is crucial for their overall health and well-being. Coco Max is the foundation for healthy plant growth, providing essential nutrients for their development. While carefully selected additives can maximise the potential of your plants, they can only partially replace the fundamental role of the base feed.

Multiple Options to Suit Your Needs

VitaLink Coco Max is available in three convenient bottle sizes to suit various cultivation needs. Choose from the 1L, 5L, or 10L bottles, ensuring an ample supply to support your hydroponic endeavours.

Uncompromised Flavor and Quality

Are you worried about nutrient solutions affecting the flavour and quality of your crops? With VitaLink Coco Max, you can put those concerns to rest. VitaLink’s range of nutrients, including Coco Max, is specifically formulated not to adversely impact the flavour of herbs, vegetables, salads, fruits, and other plants grown for consumption. Enjoy your homegrown produce’s full, natural taste, knowing that Coco Max has played a crucial role in their exceptional development.

How does this product work?

VitaLink Coco Max harnesses the power of a highly concentrated 2-part formulation to provide plants with the essential nutrients they need for robust growth and maximum yields. The balanced mix of macro and micronutrients, combined with fulvic acid and chelated micronutrients, promotes better nutrient uptake and absorption, resulting in improved photosynthesis and more vigorous growth and flowering. The chelated iron, available over a wide pH range, ensures that your plants never suffer from iron deficiencies, guaranteeing optimal chlorophyll production and efficient photosynthesis.

How do I use VitaLink Coco Max A&B?

Using Coco Max is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward usage instructions. Before preparing your nutrient solution, assess the water quality in your area and ensure you choose the correct variant, either the Hard Water (HW) or Soft Water (SW) version. In areas with very soft water, supplement with half-strength VitaLink CalMag during growth to maintain optimal nutrient balance.

Mix equal amounts of A and B solutions to prepare your nutrient solution and adjust the pH if necessary, aiming for a range of 5.8-6.5. Shake the bottles well before use to ensure thorough mixing. Use 1-2 ml/L of each A and B solution for seedlings and young plants. As your plants establish and actively grow, gradually increase the dose rate to 3-4 ml/L of each solution for mature plants.

Recommended Products

To enhance your hydroponic setup and achieve even more impressive results, we recommend considering the following products from VitaLink:

  1. VitaLink CalMag: A vital supplement that provides additional calcium and magnesium, ensuring plants receive the essential elements for healthy growth.
  2. VitaLink RootStim: Kickstart root development and enhance nutrient uptake with this potent root stimulator, which promotes more robust roots.
  3. VitaLink Silicon MAX: Boost your plants’ resilience and resistance to stress with this silicon supplement, which strengthens cell walls, increases nutrient uptake, and improves overall plant health.

By incorporating these recommended products into your hydroponic regimen, you can further optimise your plants’ growth, yield, and overall health, unlocking their full potential.

Experience the Power of VitaLink Coco Max

Why settle for mediocre results when you can attain exceptional growth and yields with the help of VitaLink Coco Max? Developed by experts and rigorously tested, this highly-concentrated 2-part nutrient solution is tailor-made for cultivating plants in coco coir. Its optimal NPK ratio and enhanced nutrient uptake and absorption ensure vigorous growth, flowering, and fruiting stages. Choose the appropriate variant for your water quality and select from the 1L, 5L, or 10L bottles to suit your needs. With VitaLink Coco Max, you can elevate your hydroponic endeavours to new heights and savour the bountiful rewards of your labour.

How Do I Buy Vitalink Coco Max A&B?

You can easily buy Vitalink Coco Max A&B from our website by selecting the water type and bottle size you require using the drop-down menu above.

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