Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom

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Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom is a very refined mineral nutrient feed designed for soil plants. The product combines optimum nutrient balance with a sophisticated knowledge of soil nutrients.

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Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom

Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom is a very refined mineral nutrient feed that is designed for soil plants. The product combines optimum nutrient balance with a sophisticated knowledge of the various quite complex bio-chemical relationships involved in soil nutrients and their availability. 

Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom additionally contains the unique and highly praised SmartZen ingredients, which bring the latest technology in highly innovative plant science which further increases the reputation of the Shogun Samurai fertiliser range over other similar competitive products in the market. 

Despite its name, Shogun (or Shogun Fertilisers Ltd) is a UK company. They’re actually based in Sheffield and grew out of a desire to make inroads, including innovative and highly cost-effective nutrients and fertilisers, for the rapidly evolving hydroponics sector, a market which was becoming very popular among both experienced gardeners and people who have never grown anything in their lives before.

Shogun Fertilisers have really done their market research properly, and the result is that they have a great deal of experience with what growers are really looking for from their nutrients, additive and boosters. 

The Shogun product range includes quite a large selection of additives in addition to their relatively new Hydro and Coco nutrient products; Shogun has plans afoot to expand this range of theirs further and many more products are in the pipeline at various stages of development. They are known for their rigorous testing of products and have a reputation for not bringing their products to market unless they’ve been meticulously tested over a number of key customer satisfaction and technical metrics.

Accordingly, Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom is the company’s long-anticipated base nutrient and has only relatively recently come out of its lengthy and rigorous development and testing phase and is now in stock! This product has been hailed as the “future” of soil nutrient technology. Not least the main thing which is revolutionary about this product is the fact that it is a one-part based solution, whereas its competitors are almost exclusively two-part products which require careful mixing together. 

Shogun has its own two-part products, of course, so their Samurai Terra Bloom is a highly innovative product that has much been waited for by growers who are keen for their growing to be less of a chore and considerably less at risk from things going wrong due to product measurement error.

Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom offers a number of attributes and advantages, and these include the following:

  • Latest highly innovative technology base nutrient designed for use in soil
  • Formulated by world-leading biochemists
  • Has both grow and bloom variants
  • Available in 1 litre and 5-litre containers
  • Very refined formula, mineral-based
  • Designed to produce an abundance of fruits/flowers during the plants’ bloom stage
  • Tested and known to increase yield by up to 8 percent more than other NPK products
  • Massively assists in photosynthesis in plants
  • Includes the SmartZen Maximiser ingredients
  • Lowers heat stress (also thanks to its SmartZen ingredients)
  • In hydroponics, ideal for drip based systems and hand watering
  • Assists all enzyme-driven chemical processes with your plants
  • Known to aid nutrient uptake in plants
  • Greatly assists in nutrient transportation within the different areas of your plants
  • Stimulates mitochondria activity (energy driven part of the plant cell)
  • Known to supports plants that have vigorous, healthy and fast growth

Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom Specifications

The SmartZen ingredients within Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom are a sophisticated combination of lignans, sterols, lipids, tannin and hydrocarbons which have been modified under controlled conditions by microbial action.

Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom Usage

Used Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom at a concentration of between 2ml and 4ml per 1 litre of nutrient solution in the period during weeks one to four; and in weeks five to seven use 2ml to 3ml per litre of nutrient solution.

For further details, use as directed by the manufacturer.

Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom: How to Pay

You can very easily buy Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom from our website.

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