House & Garden Soil A&B

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House & Garden Soil A&B is an excellent base nutrient for use with plants grown in soil or high-quality soil blends.

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House & Garden Soil A&B

House & Garden Soil A&B is an excellent base nutrient for use with plants grown in soil or high-quality soil blends.

It has a unique composition consisting of soil particles and existing minerals. It requires an exact arrangement of fertiliser compounds so that the soil and nutrients reach their full potential.

Soil Food Nutrient A&B has several features and attributes, including:

  • Specially designed for use with plants grown in soil
  • Ideal for use with other House & Garden products
  • Highly versatile – to be used in both the vegetative and flowering stages
  • Designed by top plant nutrient scientists

House & Garden Soil Food Nutrients consists of liquid nutrients and trace elements. The formulation has no bulking agents, making nutrient uptake and transportation easy within the plant tissues.

The product has all the essential macro and trace elements together with several chelating agents – fulvic and humic acids – for even better nutrient uptake. The nutrients here have been very precisely blended to enhance the rapid absorption by your plants.

How Does it Work?

Soil Food Nutrient A&B is a base nutrient that works with plants grown in soil. It comprises a complete plant food and supplies all the basic and essential nutrients plants need for robust growth in both the veg and blooming stages of plant development.

How to Use?

Fill your reservoir or water tank with two-thirds water. Then add part A and circulate your solution well before adding part B.

Do not add parts A and B both together, as this will almost certainly cause an unfavourable chemical reaction in your nutrient, which may result in the solidification or lumpiness of a certain proportion of the solution your plants will find difficult to absorb.

Start with an EC of 1.2 and increase according to the growth schedule until the end of the blooming stage. Finish with an EC of about 2.0.

Add any required root growth or blooming stimulators, and then top up the reservoir or water tank to the desired level. Use a pH meter and adjust the pH to harmonise with your nutrient solution. You should always follow the House & Garden feeding charts for optimal results.

How Do I Buy House & Garden Soil A&B?

You can easily buy House & Garden Soil A&B from our website.

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