House & Garden Cocos A&B

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House & Garden Cocos A&B is a two-part base nutrient specially designed for growers using the coco medium, or at least 40% of that medium within their substrate.

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House & Garden Cocos A&B

House & Garden Cocos A&B is a two-part base nutrient specially designed for growers using the coco medium, or at least 40% of that medium within their substrate. 

The product’s unique formulation and composition use only top-quality food and pharmaceutical-grade constituents made entirely from liquid nutrients and not powders; this ensures that the product is the cleanest and one of the most concentrated base nutrients available. 

Cocos A&B features several benefits and attributes, among which are:

  • Highly recommended product
  • Designed specifically for plants grown in the coco medium
  • Very easy to use right through your grow
  • Works well with other House & Garden products
  • Use this for both the vegetative and bloom stages of your plants’ life cycles
  • Designed by top Dutch plant scientists

This base nutrient consists of liquid nutrients and trace elements; it does not contain bulking agents. This composition makes transferring from the root system to the rest of the plant much more effortless. 

Only top-quality ingredients are used, including Eddha-Fe (Iron), which enables your plants to absorb all the nutrients they need effectively and quickly. 

Cocos A&B provides an excellent start for your plants. It contains a comprehensive range of nutritional elements plus fulvic and humic acids, which improve uptake and transportation of these nutrients, increasing the absorption capacity of the plants’ root zone and enhancing plant health and vitality.

How to Use?

You should fill up your hydroponic system’s reservoir with water and add an equal amount of parts A&B to the tank to achieve the necessary strength. 

Mix the solution well, and always use a beaker or syringe to get the most accurate measurement of all quantities. We also recommend using a Bluelab Truncheon CF/EC/PPM meter to check the TDS (the strength of the nutrient solution) and adjust as necessary. 

You should next add any boosters that you want to. Add all products individually, never mixing them in their concentrated form out of their containers. Stir well to combine after adding each one and then go on to the next, and so on. 

Avoid contact with eyes and skin and keep out of the way of children. Wear appropriate clothing and store between 7 and 30°C. 

Use a pH meter, like the Essentials pH meter, to get an accurate reading of the pH level of your nutrient solution. You can then use pH up or down to adjust this as necessary. You need to use both parts A&B of this product. Using just one or both parts of A&B in uneven quantities will most likely create an imbalance in your nutrient solution. In turn, this will usually mean that your plants will develop deficiencies, may become subject to disease and may even perish.


NPK ratio 

  • Part A: 4-0-3
  • Part B: 1-3-7. 

House & Garden recommends an EC of 1.2 to 2.0 and a pH of 5.5 to 6.2.

How Do I Buy House & Garden Cocos A&B?

You can easily buy House & Garden Cocos A&B from our online store.

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