Dutchpro Soil Grow A&B

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Dutchpro Soil Grow A&B is a two-part plant nutrient for use with all soil-grown plants during the vegetative stage in their life cycle.

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Dutchpro Soil Grow A&B

Dutchpro Soil Grow A&B is a two-part plant nutrient for use with all soil-grown plants during the vegetative stage in their life cycle. 

There are two variants; one is for use in hard water areas, and the other is for soft water areas. Dutchpro is a well-known manufacturer of nutrients, and their products have been responsible for the healthiest and fastest-growing plants to be found anywhere. Soil Grow A&B has several attributes and features, and these include:

  • They have been the manufacturers of choice for over a generation
  • Works very well with the whole range of Dutchpro products
  • Variants exist for use in both hard and soft water areas
  • Specially formulated for use with plants grown in soil
  • For use in the plant’s vegetative stage

How Does it Work?

Soil Grow A&B is a two-part base nutrient designed to work with plants while they’re in the vegetative stage of their life cycle. The product has a formula that works specifically with plants grown in soil. This product has variants for both soft water and hard water areas. 

Soil Grow A&B contains a unique blend of ingredients that provide your plants with all the macronutrients and micronutrients they need for robust growth and healthy life. The makers advise using this product in conjunction with other products in their range, Take Root, Multi Total, and Keep It Clean. They also have pH- Grow, which similarly complements this product, as it contains nitric acid rather than phosphoric acid because nitric acid will work better during a plant’s growth stage.

How to Use?

Fill up your soil feed tank with water and add equal amounts of Grow Soil for parts A and B to the desired strength. Stir well to mix. 

Apply 2ml to 3ml per litre of water for parts A and B. Use a beaker or syringe when measuring, as these are very accurate. Use a CF/EC/PPM meter like the Bluelab Truncheon to check the nutrient solution’s TDS.

Next, you should add any boosters or additives you’d like to use and stir well to mix. You should adjust the pH to the required level up or down as necessary – a Bluelab pH Pen will do this well. The desired pH range will differ according to whether you are in a soft or hard water area (which, in turn, will determine which variant you’ll be using). So refer to the pH range on the bottle for the desired range. 

Allow the soil to dry a little between your watering (but don’t allow it to become bone dry). In soil, you should attempt to achieve a run-off of about 10 to 20% each time, which will help flush out any toxins which may otherwise be building up. 

Use parts A and B in equal amounts. Do not use only one or the other, and do not use odd or disproportionate amounts, as this will mean that your nutrient solution will be improperly balanced. This imbalance could cause plant deficiency and possibly lead to disease.

Please be careful when adding any other products. In particular, never mix products in their concentrated state out of the bottle. You should add one, then stir well to combine, and then proceed to add the next, and so on, mixing well between each. 

How Do I Buy Dutchpro Soil Grow A&B?

You can readily buy Dutchpro Soil Grow A&B from our website here.

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