Agrogardens Hydro Clay Pebbles 45L


AgroGardens Hydro Clay Pebbles 45L is a convenient size pack for this popular product which is a highly porous medium and ideal for use in hydroponic systems.

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Agrogardens Hydro Clay Pebbles 45L

AgroGardens Hydro Clay Pebbles 45L is a highly porous medium ideal for hydroponic systems.

The porous quality of these pebbles limits watering and stimulates the development of healthy and robust plant roots, which grip the substrate vigorously, getting them off to a good start.

This product is ideally suited for recirculating hydroponic systems such as Flood and Drain type systems (also known as Ebb and Flow), multi-pot systems, and any drip-fed system.

These pebbles are spherical and evenly shaped, making them suitable for trapping air. This air provides healthy oxygenation for your nutrient solution as it flows over it, providing a robust structure and a stable base for your plants’ root systems while at the same time allowing any excess water to drain away freely.

These clay pebbles feature several attributes and features, and they include the following:

  • Very porous medium, which limits watering and stimulates strong root growth
  • Roots will develop healthily and will grip the substrate firmly
  • The pebbles are spherical and measure between 10 and 16 mm
  • Air trapped in this highly porous medium provides superb oxygenation for your nutrient solution
  • Porous quality also allows excess water to drain away freely
  • They help in managing the application of nutrients and humidity levels
  • This product is fungus free and will never rot under normal circumstances
  • PH level is steady and measured 5.5 – 7 (pre-buffered before purchase)
  • Ideal for use in Flood and Drain systems, multi-pot and drip-fed systems

How does this substrate work?

This product can mix with other substrates to improve the overall structure or provide a drainage layer at the bottom of your pots. Many growers experiment with mixing different types of growing media and then find a composite medium they prefer and stick with that for years.

These clay pebbles are a very porous medium. They are spherical and measure from 10 to 16mm in diameter. The fact that they’re so porous offers plenty of scope for trapping air, and this provides an abundance of O2, which brilliantly oxygenates your nutrient solution of choice as it flows through and over it, providing a robust and healthy structure and a highly stable base for the plant’s roots to grow and flourish.

The porous quality of the product also allows the water to drain away freely, helping to control the application of nutrients in use and to regulate and stabilise the humidity levels of your plants.

How do I use this substrate in my hydroponic system?

Methods may vary slightly from system to system, depending on whether you’re working with mature plants or have seeds or cuttings that you want to grow into mature plants. The typical method is as follows:

  • Before using, always rinse the substrate to remove excess dirt.
  • Once done, pour the pebbles into your plant container of choice.
  • You can transplant seedlings into the system or spread seeds over the substrate.
  • Fill your nutrient reservoir with your solution of choice, following the manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Depending on plant consumption, your reservoir will need refilling approximately every two weeks.
  • If you choose to use a combination of hydro clay pebbles and another medium, you must adjust the frequency your timer floods the container, as some media
  • retains water more than clay pebbles.
  • Ensure the water drains away before reaching your pebbles’ top surface to help avoid fungus and rot.

Where Do I Buy AgroGardens Hydro Clay Pebbles 45L?

You can buy AgroGardens Hydro Clay Pebbles 45L without difficulty from our site.

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