Vitalink Clay Pebbles

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Vitalink Clay Pebbles are versatile pebbles made from top quality clay, specially tumbled to remove any hazardous sharp edges, making them ideal for almost all hydroponic systems.

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Vitalink Clay Pebbles

Vitalink Clay Pebbles are versatile pebbles made from top-quality clay, specially tumbled to remove any hazardous sharp edges, making them ideal for almost all hydroponic systems.

This product will also noticeably improve the drainage and aeration levels in traditional media such as soil and coco, and they have several attributes, including:

  • Triple-washed to get rid of dust and smaller pebbles
  • Provides good aeration (and O2) levels leading to fast plant growth
  • Has much-reduced dust incidence when compared with regular pebbles
  • Made using a tumbling action which removes any sharp edges
  • Clay pebbles measure between 8 and 20mm
  • Robust and structurally sound
  • Uniquely irregularly shaped with a porosity that increases the surface area.
  • Handy 10-litre bag if you only need small amounts, and also 45 litres
  • EC and pH stable as well as totally inert

How do they Work?

Clay Pebbles work in several hydroponic applications and systems. They are of a rough and porous texture and retain lots of water. Air gaps within the substrate promote fast drainage, which helps reduce waterlogging issues, making them ideal for the various recirculating hydroponic systems.

Such gaps are also helpful in allowing more oxygen into the root zone, and this event alone plays a huge part in the healthy growth and development of your plants and their continued well-being.

This product gives your plants an ideal basis for development with excellent aeration. They’re of low density, making them porous and able to retain water better. Their irregular shapes also increase the total surface area more than if they were perfectly spherical, enabling plants to gain more contact with the nutrient solution.

The EC and pH of these premium pebbles are very stable, so the pH levels of the nutrient solution will not vary significantly. These pebbles are ideal for many different hydroponic systems, such as the Flood and Drain system and dw, and processes involving drip and multi-pot systems. Adding a layer of pebbles at the bottom of your pots can create a beneficial extra layer for drainage.

How to Use?

How you use this product and what you make of these pebbles largely depend on your system. Just ensure you wash them first and remove any clay dust that may later cause problems such as clogging or blocking dripper lines and similar issues. You can use them independently or combine them with other growing media. Some growers use them to protect and cover the media in their pots.


  • Water retention capacity: 10%
  • EC: 0.5 mS/cm²
  • pH: 5.5-7.5

Where Do I Buy Vitalink Clay Pebbles?

You can easily buy Vitalink Clay Pebbles from our online store.

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