Aqua Master EC Temp Meter E50 Pro


Optimise your hydroponic setup with the Aqua Master EC Temp Meter E50 Pro. This hand-held device accurately measures the EC and temperature of your nutrient solutions. Designed for comfort and durability, it features waterproof housing, replaceable electrode, and auto-calibration. The E50 Pro ensures balanced nutrient absorption for healthy plant growth. Its one-year meter and six-month electrode warranty assures reliable measurements for your hydroponics journey. Enjoy bountiful yields with Aqua Master E50 Pro.

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Aqua Master EC Temp Meter E50 Pro: Precision and Durability in One Device

The Aqua Master EC Temp Meter E50 Pro is a versatile tool critical for various industries, especially hydroponics. This high-quality, user-friendly meter accurately measures different liquids’ EC (Electrical Conductivity) and temperature.

Features and Benefits

Using this meter in a hydroponic setup offers several benefits:

  • Robust Design: The meter sports an ergonomic rubber back for a comfortable hold and a cord to secure the cap.
  • Precision: Guarantees accurate measurements for optimal hydroponic growth.
  • User-friendly: 1-point auto calibration simplifies the process of calibration.
  • Durability: The IP67 waterproof rating ensures the device can float and is resilient to water damage.
  • Extended Use: Comes with a replaceable electrode to prolong the lifetime of the pen meter.
  • Power supply: The E50 Pro arrives with batteries for immediate use.

How does the Aqua Master EC Temp Meter E50 work?

Understanding the working of the Aqua Master EC Temp Meter E50 Pro requires a basic understanding of hydroponics and the role EC plays in it. Hydroponics involves growing plants in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution.

A solution’s electrical conductivity (EC) is directly related to its ability to transmit electricity, which depends on the presence and concentration of ions. In hydroponics, nutrients added to the water dissociate into ions, thus increasing the EC. By measuring EC, the E50 Pro can provide accurate insight into the concentration of dissolved nutrients in the solution.

Additionally, temperature plays a crucial role in plant health. It affects the water’s capacity to hold oxygen and the rate at which plants absorb nutrients. The E50 Pro ensures your setup maintains optimal growing conditions by providing a temperature reading so you are always aware of your plants’ well-being.

How do I use this product?

Using the E50 Pro is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the meter using the power button.
  2. Insert the probe into the liquid you wish to measure. Ensure it’s submerged but doesn’t touch the container’s bottom or sides.
  3. Wait for a few seconds until the reading stabilises. The meter will display the EC value and the temperature.
  4. After use, rinse the electrode with clean water and pat dry. Replace the cap to protect the electrode during storage.

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There are multiple benefits of using an EC meter like the EC Temp Meter E50 Pro in hydroponics:

  • Nutrient Management: It helps maintain an optimal level of nutrients, preventing undernourishment or over-fertilisation of the plants.
  • Water Quality Control: It allows for frequent water quality checking, which is crucial in a hydroponic system where water is the primary growing medium.
  • Optimised Growth: By facilitating optimal nutrient and temperature conditions, it ensures the plants have everything they need for robust growth.
  • Cost-Effective: It reduces waste by providing efficient nutrient use, so growers only need to replenish when necessary.


Recommended Products

Here are some products that pair well with the E50 Pro:

  1. Aqua Master pH Temp Meter P50 Pro: This meter accurately measures pH and temperature, essential parameters for hydroponics.
  2. Aqua Master Replacement Electrode E50 Pro: Designed to extend the lifespan of your EC Temp Meter, this is an affordable way to maintain accuracy.
  3. Aqua Master Storage Solution: This solution keeps your electrode moist, ensuring a longer lifespan and reliable readings.

Aqua Master is renowned for the quality and performance of their products. Should your meter encounter any issues, conduct a simple initial check to ensure that it’s not dirty or physically damaged and that the glass electrode is intact. If the meter is in good condition externally but not functioning correctly, Aqua Master provides a one-year warranty for the meter and a six-month warranty for the electrode. 

In conclusion, the Aqua Master E50 Pro is an excellent investment for those serious about their hydroponic setups. It offers accuracy, durability, and ease of use – everything you need for successful hydroponics.

How can I buy an Aqua Master EC Temp Meter E50 Pro?

You can easily buy an Aqua Master EC Temp Meter E50 Pro from our website.

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