Aqua Master pH Temp Meter P50 Pro


The Aqua Master pH Temp Meter P50 Pro is crucial for any hydroponic grower. This accurate, ergonomic, and user-friendly device accurately measures pH and temperature, assisting in maintaining an optimal hydroponic environment. Waterproof and equipped with a replaceable electrode, the P50 Pro is designed for durability. With its easy calibration feature, this device is as practical as it is reliable.

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Aqua Master pH Temp Meter P50 Pro: Your Perfect Hydroponic Assistant

When it comes to hydroponics, monitoring the pH and temperature of your nutrient solution is vital for plant health and growth. Aqua Master brings you the pH Temp Meter P50 Pro, an excellent tool offering precise and accurate readings. The handheld device has an ergonomic design that provides comfort and ease of use. Additionally, its robust construction ensures durability.

Key Features and Benefits

The P50 Pro delivers several advantages and notable features for hydroponic setups:

  • Two-In-One Measurement: The device simultaneously gauges the pH and temperature of your hydroponic solution, making it a cost-effective tool.
  • Superior Accuracy: With high precision measurements, it ensures your nutrient solution stays within the optimal ranges, enhancing plant health and yield.
  • User-friendly Calibration: The 2-point auto-calibration feature makes it effortless to keep your device tuned for accurate readings.
  • Durable Design: With an IP67 waterproof rating and floating ability, you need not worry about the device getting lost or damaged in the solution.
  • Comfortable Usage: The ergonomic rubber back and cap cord provide a secure and comfortable grip, enhancing the ease of use.
  • Long-lasting: The device features a replaceable electrode, making it a wise investment as it extends the overall lifespan of your meter.
  • Easy Readings: The clear digital display allows for quick and easy reading of measurements, making it a convenient tool in your hydroponic routine.

Why the P50 Pro is Essential for Hydroponics

In hydroponic systems, the pH and temperature of the nutrient solution directly impact nutrient absorption rates. An incorrect pH can lock out essential nutrients, leading to poor plant health and reduced yield. Likewise, an inappropriate temperature can affect the solution’s plant metabolism and oxygen levels. These situations are where the P50 Pro comes in.

This device provides the following:

  • Reliable Monitoring: Regular pH and temperature checks help avoid a nutrient lockout, ensure optimal nutrient absorption, and maintain a healthy growing environment.
  • Simplicity and Convenience: With the P50 Pro, there’s no need for litmus paper or separate devices. It provides both pH and temperature readings quickly and accurately.
  • Long-term Savings: Regular monitoring and quick adjustments help prevent plant health issues, saving you potential losses in the long run.

How Does This Product Work?

The P50 Pro uses electric potential and thermistor measurements to determine pH and temperature levels. When dipped into a solution, the probe measures the hydrogen ion activity for pH and the resistance change for temperature. The meter then translates these into digital readings displayed on the interface.

Check out our Grow Tips and Advice section, which features an article explaining why it’s important to balance pH in hydroponics.

How Do I Use The Aqua Master pH Temp Meter P50 Pro?

Operating the P50 Pro is relatively straightforward. Before use, calibrate the device using Aqua Master pH calibration solutions for accurate readings. Once calibrated, immerse the pen meter into the nutrient solution and wait for the device to display the readings. It’s also advisable to clean the electrode after every use to maintain its longevity and accuracy.

Aqua Master prides itself on the quality and performance of its products, and they offer robust warranty support for its customers. If you encounter issues with your meter, perform a simple initial check: ensure that the meter is free from dirt and damage and that the glass electrode is unbroken. If your meter is in good condition externally but is not functioning correctly, Aqua Master provides an excellent warranty. The meter carries a one-year warranty, and the electrode has six months’ cover. If the meter looks clean and undamaged, you can get a replacement covered by the warranty.

Check out their range of helpful videos on

Specifications for the Aqua Master pH Temp Meter P50 Pro

Recommended Complementary Products

To maximise the functionality and lifespan of your P50 Pro, consider the following:

  • Aqua Master KCI Storage Solution: This is essential for adequately storing your P50 Pro; keeping the electrode moist when not in use prevents it from drying out and losing its sensitivity, ensuring consistently accurate readings.
  • Aqua Master pH Calibration Solutions: Regular calibration is crucial to maintain the accuracy of your P50 Pro. These solutions provide reliable benchmarks for calibration, allowing you to trust your readings.
  • Aqua Master P50 Pro Replacement Probe: This component helps maintain your device’s performance even after prolonged use. When the original probe’s lifespan ends, simply replace it with this probe to extend your device’s life.

These complementary products enhance your P50 Pro’s functionality and ensure its longevity and reliability, providing peace of mind in your hydroponic journey.

In conclusion, the Aqua Master pH Temp Meter P50 Pro is more than just a pH and temperature measuring device. It’s an investment in your hydroponic success. Its accuracy, durability, and user-friendliness simplify the complex task of monitoring your hydroponic setup’s health. It’s time to take the guesswork out of your gardening and trust P50 Pro for precision and reliability.

How can I buy an Aqua Master pH Temp Meter P50 Pro?

You can easily buy an Aqua Master pH Temp Meter P50 Pro from our website.

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