Metallised X-Weave Tape

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Metallised X-Weave Tape is a robust, highly-adhesive reinforced cross-weave seam tape ideal for mounting reflective sheeting in your grow space.

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Metallised X-Weave Tape

Metallised X-Weave Tape is a reinforced cross-weave seam tape ideal for mounting reflective sheeting in your grow space.

This reflective tape is invaluable when you need to fix sheeting in place, and it has quite a few features and attributes, and these include:

  • Highly-adhesive aluminium material
  • Its cross-weave construction makes it robust and durable
  • The reinforced design of the tape means rips and tears occur infrequently
  • Use it to hang mylar sheeting or other reflective materials like Foil
  • Straightforward to use and clean
  • Extremely reflective product for improved grow room conditions

How does this Aluminium Cross-weave Tape work?

This Aluminium Cross-weave Tape is ideal for grow room sheeting, such as Silver White Reflective or Diamond Lightite Reflective Sheeting.

This product is an adhesive tape designed to easily but firmly attach reflective sheeting to the walls or framework of your growing space.

Its cross-weave fibre structure will help prevent tearing, and its adhesive properties will ensure that every inch of your growing space reflects as much light from your walls and back towards your plants as possible.

How do I use this Metallised X-Weave tape?

Before using any aluminium cross-weave reflective tape, you should ensure that all the surfaces you plan to use it on are clean, dry and free of dust.

It works effectively with Lightite, Diamond-diffusion or standard Mylar reflective sheeting.

Layout the sheeting and use this product to connect the sheeting seamlessly, ensuring that you fill in gaps between one sheet and another. Aluminium Cross-weave fibre tape can attach sheeting to grow tents or wooden frames and any use that demands robust adhesion to make a seamless join.

Specifications of Aluminium Cross-weave Reflective Tape

This product is available in 45-metre rolls and two width options; 48mm and 75mm. Select the size you require using the above drop-down box.

Where do I buy Metallised X-Weave Tape?

You can conveniently buy Metallised Cross-weave Tape from our website.

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