Secret Jardin Dark Propagator Grow Tent

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Step into the future of gardening with the Secret Jardin Dark Propagator Grow Tent! These tents are a hydroponic enthusiast’s dream, available in three sizes, ideal for nurturing seedlings and small plants. They feature efficient ducting flanges for optimal intake/exhaust management and come pre-equipped for immediate setup. The optional grid allows for extra shelving, making it a versatile addition to your gardening arsenal. Experience innovation and efficiency in your hydroponic gardening journey!

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Unlock Your Gardening Potential with the Secret Jardin Dark Propagator Grow Tent!

Welcome to a new era of hydroponic gardening with the Secret Jardin Dark Propagator Grow Tent, your ultimate companion in fostering robust and healthy plants. Designed meticulously for plants under 80cm tall, this grow tent is a versatile solution for hydroponic gardeners focusing on seedlings, small plants, and high-light-requiring blooming plants.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Model Variety: Choose from DP60 (60x40x60cm), DP90 (90x60x98cm), and DP120 (120x60x190cm) to fit your specific needs.
  • Optional Grid: Enhance your space with a 60x40cm grid, compatible with DP90 and DP120 models, allowing additional shelving.
  • Efficient Ducting Flanges: Features DF16 ducting flanges for optimal intake/exhaust management.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Arrives with all essential components for complete installation.
  • Flexible Organization: Quickly clip on the grid with provided clips for versatile placement and organization.

How does this product work?

The Secret Jardin DP Grow Tents are groundbreaking hydroponic solutions, offering varied grow spaces from 0.24m² to 3.60m², catering to diverse plant types and gardening preferences. They’re equipped with DF16 ducting flanges, enabling gardeners to manage intake and exhaust seamlessly, creating an ideal environment for plant growth. The optional GRID6040 can be added for extra shelving, granting gardeners the flexibility to organise their grow space effectively and efficiently.

How do I use a Secret Jardin Dark Propagator Grow Tent?

Setting up a Secret Jardin DP Grow Tent is a breeze, as they come with all the necessary components for a complete system setup. Select the tent size that aligns with your needs, with the optional grid available for DP90 and DP120 models. The grid can be conveniently clipped on anywhere with the four provided clips or positioned under the tent’s roof to create a storage tray or to stack multiple tents. We always recommend regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure the optimal growth and development of the plants.

Recommended Products

  • Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel: This high-performance rooting compound is essential for promoting rapid and robust root development in cuttings within the Secret Jardin DP Grow Tent, laying a solid foundation for the plants.
  • Eazy Plug Organic Propagation Cubes: These organic, biodegradable cubes, with their optimal water retention and pre-determined pH and EC levels, work seamlessly with Clonex Gel to provide the ideal environment for root development, ensuring healthy starts and minimising transplant shock.
  • Sunblaster Nanotechnology T5: This innovative lighting solution, with its fuller spectrum of light, ensures uniform light distribution within the grow tent, promoting even growth and development of plants during the crucial propagation phase.
  • Mills Start-R: Specifically designed to stimulate root development and provide optimum nutrition during the initial growth stages, Mills Start-R complements the Eazy Plug Cubes and Clonex Gel, ensuring that the young plants receive all the essential nutrients for healthy and vigorous growth from the outset.

Integrating these products within a Secret Jardin DP Tent allows hydroponic gardeners to establish a synergistic and efficient growing environment, ensuring optimal plant development and growth.


The Secret Jardin DP Grow Tents are a pinnacle of innovation in hydroponic gardening, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency. They provide a conducive and controlled environment, essential for the diverse needs of plant propagation. Whether you are just starting your hydroponic journey or are a seasoned gardener, this grow tent is a valuable and indispensable addition to your gardening toolkit, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and convenience.

How can I buy a Secret Jardin Dark Propagator Grow Tent?

You can easily buy a Secret Jardin Dark Propagator Grow Tent from our website; select the model you require using the drop-down menu.

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