Mills Start-R

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Mills Start-R is a bio-stimulant that is rich in nitrogen and essential acids. Mills Start-R gives plants a great start in life and is particularly useful in the early flowering stage.

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Mills Start-R

Mills Start-R is an extremely complex organo-mineral bio-stimulant that is predominantly organic, and it’s used with seedlings and plants in the early stages of flowering as well as during the vegetative phase. The product contains two types of nitrogen which, when used in conjunction with Basis A and B, also Mills’ products, changes the NPK ratio (the proportions of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) in favour of higher nitrogen content. Start-R contains fulvic and humic acids, essential L-amino acids as well as a root enhancer bio-stimulant made from Irish kelp which has an abundance of auxin and cytokinin.

The advantage of using Start-R is that it promotes a plant’s healthy root system during the vegetative and the early blooming stages of the plant’s growth cycle. This leads to a much greater yield when it’s time to harvest your crop. So it’s absolutely the best way to give your plants the right start in life!

Start-R is composed of a unique variation of bio-stimulants and a very bio-available form of nitrogen. The product is a fantastic root stimulator, and also enhances plant health and helps in the branching process. Give this to your plants and they’ll grow to their best potential. It is immediately absorbed as soon as it is given to the plant and is especially recommended for giving seedlings, cuttings and younger plants a great start in life. 

This product is highly useful where a plant has been transplanted, aiding recovery from any potential shock of transplant.

How Does Mills Start-R Work?

As its name would suggest, Mills Start-R is mostly used at the beginning of a plant’s growth cycle. Although it’s used in this way at the start of the plant’s life it is also used in early flowering stages as well. The product gives the plant a nitrogen boost which ensures that the plant grows robustly. It also ensures very good protein synthesis which helps develop a healthy root system and overall healthy structure.

Start-R is high in Nitrogen; in fact, it is 5% nitrogen and 2% ammoniacal nitrogen. This, together with the seaweed component from Irish kelp and various acids, contain very healthy proteins which help to strengthen the plant’s cell walls.

It is recommended to use Start-R at a concentration of 1ml per litre of water. Make sure that you keep this product out of the reach of children and animals. It causes irritation if accidentally coming into contact with the eyes. Do not breathe in any fumes from the product; it may be corrosive if swallowed. You should also avoid contact with your skin, as well as with fire or direct heat.

Start-R is highly useful for the following:

  • Strong, fast root development
  • Recovery from transplant shock
  • Improvement in structure and in the uptake of nutrients
  • General plant vitality and healthy growth

Mills Start-R Specifications

Mills Nutrients Start-R chemical composition:

  • Nitrogen: 5.2% w/w
  • Nitrate Nitrogen (as NO3-N): 2.6% w/w
  • Ammonium Nitrogen (as NH4-N): 2.6% w/w

Mills Start-R Usage

As stated above, Mills Start-R is highly useful during plant propagation, vegetative growth and during the early flowering stages.

Aim to use a concentration of 1ml to a litre of water during the whole of the first fortnight of the plant’s flowering phase.

How to Buy Mills Start-R

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