Green Box Grow Tent 240x240x200cm


The Green Box Grow Tent 240x240x200cm is a top-quality grow tent with silver Mylar interior fabric, which is superb for its efficiency at reflecting light onto the plants.

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Green Box Grow Tent 240x240x200cm.

The Green Box Grow Tent 240x240x200cm is a top-quality grow tent with silver Mylar interior fabric, which is superb for its efficiency at reflecting light onto the plants.

An ideal tent for use in hydroponic growing systems as it offers you numerous distinct features and attributes, they include:

  • Enables the perfect growing environment for your plants
  • Despite its strength, it is lightweight and straightforward to assemble
  • New design which offers a lower height option
  • Works with a diverse variety of grow lights and filters
  • It uses light-proof double-stitched fabric joints
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty zips for a better seal
  • It uses strong 25mm steel poles
  • Fitted with heavy-duty steel hanging bars
  • All made from non-toxic materials
  • ROHS and CE certified
  • It has double-stitched silver Mylar material and a removable floor liner
  • Innovative Hydroponic System Uplift Bar

How does this grow tent work?

This tent offers all the things that growers look for in providing the optimum conditions to nurture and grow their plants. The tent allows you to suspend lights, an extraction kit, and other equipment that can help provide a good growing environment.

Hand in hand with providing everything plants need, they also make it easy for growers to accomplish what they need. This range of tents comes in various sizes. They are all practical, durable, and made from high-quality materials to provide both the novice and the professional with the best.

The frame offers solid 25mm green powder-coated steel poles, allowing growers to suspend almost any kind of reflector or grow lights from the ceiling without the risk of ever overloading it with the weight of this hardware. Also, these tents have more robust and thicker corners with tee connectors to markedly lower the chances of your tent buckling or leaning over to one side.

One of the key issues with grow tents has always been light leakage through fabric and zips. But with these tents, growers do not need to worry, as the tent fabric is incredibly durable 600D Silver Mylar.

All Green Box grow tents include ‘socks’ used to connect the necessary ducting and power cables.

How Do I Use The Green Box Grow Tent 240x240x200cm?

Assembling this tent is a straightforward process. No special tools are necessary. Firstly the frame is constructed, and then the silver Mylar fabric is attached to the base of the completed tent frame and pulled up to enclose the frame completely.

When you assemble the tent, ensure that you leave a good gap between the frame and any wall to walk around the tent’s frame during construction, as you’ll have to fasten the Mylar fabric properly.

For more information about using a grow tent, check out our feature article, which discusses the advantages of using them in a hydroponic setup.

Which size fan and filter should I use for my grow space?

There’s an easy, accurate, and effective way to calculate which size extraction fan unit you will need for your size and capacity grow tent. Firstly you find out the volume in cubic metres of the growing space by Width x Length x Height = Volume. Multiply the volume x 60 = Air Movement Per Hour (to refresh the grow tent’s air completely).

If you’re using a filter (which you usually should), then the amount of air you need to move is calculated by multiplying the Air Movement Per Hour x 1.2. That is the amount of air your fan will need to move, so that is the number you should match with the fan you should get for your grow tent.

All models of fans should have this figure prominently featured, as this is the most crucial figure you need to use to match the compatibility of the fan with the tent.

It’s always better to over-spec the fan you decide on and then reduce its output using a fan controller. A more powerful fan affords you the versatility to enhance its output at any time in the future to support optimal conditions for your plants.


  • Dimensions are 240cm x 240cm x 200cm
  • Steel powder-coated poles (green)
  • Reinforced steel hanger material
  • Heavy-duty metal corner material
  • Tent interior consists of 600D silver Mylar
  • The Pole size is 25mm

Where Can I Buy The Green Box Grow Tent 240x240x200cm?

You can easily buy the Green Box Grow Tent 240x240x200cm from our site.

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