Green Box Grow Tent 120x120x200cm


The Green Box Grow Tent 120x120x200cm is one of the most popular grow tents on the market today, and you can see why. With 25mm sturdy steel poles, 620D silver Mylar and the innovative Hydroponic System Uplift Bar.

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Green Box Grow Tent 120x120x200cm.

The Green Box Grow Tent 120x120x200cm is one of the most popular grow tents on the market today, and you can see why. With 25mm sturdy steel poles and 620D silver Mylar.

This tent offers several distinct attributes and features, including:

  • Fitted with heavy-duty steel hanging bars
  • Compatible with a diverse variety of grow lights and filters
  • Despite its strength, it is lightweight and straightforward to assemble
  • High-quality, durable 620D silver Mylar for better reflectivity
  • It uses lightproof double-stitched fabric joints
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty zips for a better seal
  • Enables the ideal growing environment for your plants
  • It uses strong 25mm steel poles
  • Features removable Mylar floor

How does this tent work?

This tent provides growers with the ideal indoor growing environment. Each tent contains several hanging brackets that snugly fit along the ceiling. These brackets allow you to hang your grow lights and other necessary equipment to keep your plants healthy and productive.

This tent provides a self-contained indoor growing space, and anyone who wishes to grow plants all year round will benefit from using it. Use the tent for germinating and propagating seedlings or cuttings, and once these have grown, the tent can then be slightly repurposed to help the adult plants through to their vegetative stage and then their flowering stage.

Each tent design caters for the grower’s needs, and the range offers tents that are available in at least 34 different sizes, so no matter how much space a user has, there is a grow tent to suit. Users will grow their plants using various methods, including Autopots, Plastic Pots, IWS and other such systems, and each tent has features designed for these needs.

A draw-stringed inlet sock is included, which provides a 100% lightproof outlet, and each tent has a unique external pocket for housing a hygrometer located on the right side at the top of the tent. The transparent pocket will make reading the temperature and humidity sensors easy.

How do I use the Green Box Grow Tent 120x120x200cm?

This tent is very easy to assemble. First, remove all the poles and the Mylar fabric from its packaging and lay them out on your floor, giving you easy sight and access to all the parts you need.

Now you have all the components in front of you, start inserting the steel poles labelled ‘A’ into the steel corners, ensuring that the corners have the rubber feet facing down.

Finally, you’ll clip all four vertical support poles into each base corner and then clip the remaining corners on top of these support poles. Then, insert the last poles into these corners to form the tent’s ceiling and roof. Then slide the hanging brackets onto a convenient place on the roof poles.

Don’t put the frame near a wall at the start, as this will probably hinder you when trying to wrap the silver Mylar around the tent frame.

The next stage is to install the silver Mylar fabric. Locate the roof/ceiling section of the Mylar and put this over the frame. Then slide the Mylar floor section beneath the frame. Ensure that you support the structure adequately, so it doesn’t tip over. When the roof/ceiling and floor sections are secured, wrap the remainder of the Mylar cover around the tent’s frame. Make sure you zip the cover into place as you go along to save time.
Finally, you secure the Mylar floor with the Velcro straps and then position the hanging brackets into a position that suits your growing arrangements.

For more information about tents in hydroponics, check out our advice & tips article, which discusses the advantages of using one in your setup.

Which size fan and filter should I use for my grow tent?

There’s an easy and quick way to calculate which size extraction unit you need for your growing space. Firstly you find out the volume in cubic metres of the grow space with Width x Length x Height = Volume. Multiply the volume x 60 = Air Movement Per Hour (to refresh the air in your grow tent).

If you’re using a filter (which you should), then the amount of air you need to move is calculated by multiplying the Air Movement Per Hour x 1.2. That is the amount of air your fan will need to move, so that is the number you should match with the fan you should get for your grow tent.

It’s always better to over-specify the fan you decide on and reduce its output by using a controller. A more powerful fan provides you with the flexibility to step up its output later to preserve optimal conditions for your plants. In essence, if in doubt, choose the more powerful fan.

Where do I buy the Green Box Grow Tent 120x120x200cm?

You can easily buy the Green Box Grow Tent 120x120x200cm from our site.

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