Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2


The Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2 is relatively new to the range of controllers made by this company. They have everything that the EL1 controller offers regarding the management of lights and the safety aspect. They also provide a more intelligent and integrated fan control based on a PID algorithm.

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Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2

The Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2 has everything the EL1 controller offers regarding light and safety management. They also provide a more intelligent and integrated fan control based on a PID algorithm.

This controller is ideal for use in hydroponic growing systems.

The EL1F Gen2 includes certain practical features, including the following:

  • Plug & play functionality and very easy to install
  • Features optional Sunrise and Sunset mode easing plants from night to day and back again
  • Controls light output levels in increments of 10 watts from 50% to 115%
  • Deals with any inrush current problems that can occur running several lights
  • Able to daisy chain up to 40 Gavita E-Series Ballasts with controller cables (RJ9 to RJ14)
  • High-contrast OLED display with an easily programmable user interface
  • It has an auto-dim function which automatically reduces lighting output in high temps
  • It has a non-volatile memory with event logging
  • It offers a calibration feature for temperature probes
  • Its auto-shutdown function assists in ensuring safe growing all round the clock
  • It comes complete with two temperature sensors

How Does the Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2 Work?

The Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2 is a considerable advance in hydroponic lighting systems. You can now replace contactor/timer setups by managing ballasts directly with controller cables.

This product can switch up to 40 ballasts from one location and has an intuitive user interface with a clear display.

It also has several features which will enhance safety, get rid of inrush current issues and diminish the risk of your plants contracting botrytis.

The product works by sending data directly through its controller cables to the ballasts. Compatible ballasts will be supplied with RJ14 sockets to form a permanent link between the ballast and its controller. Connecting directly with the ballasts eliminates any need for contactors or timers. Instead, the ballasts connect within a continuous power supply. This new way of doing things opens up many new possibilities.

This product’s handy auto-dim function can adjust the light outputs if the temperature of the growing room or tent is too high.

A temperature probe is built into the canopy area (and therefore not exposed to direct light) and sends real-time data to the controller.

The EL1F Gen2 uses this data to reduce the output levels of the lights whenever this becomes necessary, making sure that temperature never goes above the optimum range of 25 to 28°C.

You’ll never need to worry about fruits and plant leaves becoming heat-stressed or suffering from burn ever again. You’ll also have the assurance that your growing space is entirely safe.

This product also has an auto-shutdown function which switches off the lights completely when the temperature reaches a pre-specified level chosen by the user, making it a very safe option.

Experienced growers already know that emulating a plant’s natural environment as closely as possible is the secret to any successful hydroponic growing system. Features that replicate the gradual onset of sunrise and then sunset are useful. The controller handles this brilliantly, avoiding the instant on/off jolt your plants will get without this feature.

If your lights come on suddenly, it will take a while for the temperature of your plants’ tissue to reach the same temperature as the air within the growing room or grow tent. During this transitional phase, the colder edges of your plants will contact the warm air, causing condensation and all its problems. As this moisture sets into the more sensitive areas, you’ll find that botrytis can be easily triggered, and this is capable of devastating your entire crop. So by using the gradual sunrise/sunset feature, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of this happening.

How to Use?

The EL1F Gen2 has many features to emulate the natural environment in your growing area. It controls twice the number of lights as similar controllers, and it supports a host of external contactor modules, which inevitably increases its sophistication by a considerable margin.


  • Lighting control channels: 1
  • Lighting control: 50-115%
  • Max Repeater Bus fixtures: 500
  • Max Single Bus fixtures: 40 (without booster modules)

How Do I Buy The Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2?

You can buy the Gavita Master Controller EL1F Gen2 without difficulty from our website.

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