Fox Twin-Speed Fan Controller


Enhance your hydroponic setup with the Fox Twin-Speed Fan Controller. This advanced controller offers precise airflow control and temperature regulation, ensuring optimal plant growth conditions. With its built-in remote thermostat and balance control knob, you can effortlessly adjust fan speeds and maintain the perfect climate in your grow room. Achieve maximum yields and create an environment where your plants thrive. Elevate your hydroponic gardening with the Fox Twin-Speed Fan Controller.

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Fox Twin-Speed Fan Controller: The Ultimate Solution for Precise Airflow Regulation

Experience unparalleled functionality and an unbeatable value with the Fox Twin-Speed Fan Controller. This cutting-edge controller effortlessly regulates air flow in your hydroponic setup, ensuring optimal plant growth conditions. With its built-in remote thermostat, you can maintain stable temperatures, remove stale air, and introduce fresh air while keeping proper ventilation.

How does this product work?

This Twin-Speed Fan Controller is equipped with advanced features to give you precise control over your grow room’s air circulation. Let’s explore its key functionalities:

  1. Remote Thermostat: The built-in remote thermostat allows you to set and monitor both the current and target temperatures in your grow room. This feature ensures your plants thrive in the ideal climate, promoting healthy growth and maximum yields.
  2. Airflow Regulation: With the balance control knob, you can use two fans that may not usually be compatible. This feature enables you to adjust the intake and outtake fan speeds, allowing air to pass through the carbon filter and maintaining an adequate vacuum within the grow tent. Achieve optimal airflow and filtration efficiency effortlessly.
  3. Digital Dial Display: The digital dial provides clear and accurate readings of the current and target temperatures, enabling you to monitor and adjust the climate conditions precisely. Additionally, it displays the relative humidity, allowing you to maintain an optimal humidity level for your plants’ well-being.

How do I use the Fox Twin-Speed Fan Controller?

Using this Fan Controller is simple and user-friendly. Follow these steps to harness its power in your hydroponic setup:

  1. Connect your intake and outtake fans to the designated ports on the controller, ensuring secure connections.
  2. Set the desired target temperature using the remote thermostat. The controller will monitor the current temperature and activate the fans to maintain the desired climate.
  3. Adjust the balance control knob to regulate the airflow between the two fans. Fine-tune the intake and outtake fan speeds to ensure air is efficiently filtered through the carbon filter while maintaining proper ventilation.
  4. Monitor the digital dial display for real-time temperature and relative humidity readings. Make any necessary adjustments to maintain the optimal environmental conditions for your plants.

Features and Benefits:

Discover the numerous advantages of using the Fox Fan Controller in your hydroponic setup:

  • Effortless Airflow Regulation: Maintain optimal air circulation and ventilation in your grow room easily.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Set and monitor the current and target temperatures for your plants, ensuring a stable and favourable climate.
  • Enhanced Filtration Efficiency: Adjust the fan speeds to optimise the airflow through the carbon filter, eliminating odours and contaminants.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The digital dial display provides precise readings, allowing for easy monitoring and adjusting of temperature and humidity levels.
  • Energy Efficiency: By regulating fan speeds, the controller helps minimise energy consumption while still providing adequate air exchange.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: The Fox Fan Controller offers exceptional functionality at an unbeatable price, providing excellent value for your investment.

Recommended Products:

Maximise the effectiveness of your hydroponic setup with these recommended products from Fox:

  1. Fox Carbon Filters: Ensure superior air purification with high-performance Fox Carbon Filters. These filters effectively remove odours and harmful particles, providing clean and fresh air for your plants.
  2. Fox Extractor Fan: Pair your Twin-Speed Fan Controller with a reliable Fox Extractor Fan for efficient air extraction. These fans work to move air quietly and powerfully, ensuring proper ventilation in your grow room.

Elevate your hydroponic gardening to new heights with the Fox Fan Controller. Experience unparalleled airflow regulation, precise temperature control, and ease of use. Create the optimal environment for your plants’ growth and achieve exceptional yields. Invest in this Twin-Speed Fan Controller and witness the transformative power it brings to your hydroponic setup.

How can I buy a Fox Twin-Speed Fan Controller?

You can easily buy a Fox Twin-Speed Fan Controller from our online store.

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