Fox Carbon Filter

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Elevate the air quality in your hydroponic garden with a Fox Carbon Filter. Crafted with Australian-mined RC412 activated carbon, these filters provide exceptional air purification for clean and fresh airflow. Experience superior filtration and enjoy the benefits of clean air in your growing environment. Fox Carbon Filters actively eliminate odours, pollutants, and harmful particles, promoting optimal plant health. Upgrade your hydroponic setup with these high-performance filters and enjoy the benefits of superior air purification.

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Fox Carbon Filter – High-Performance Air Purification for Hydroponic Environments

Experience superior air purification with a Fox Carbon Filter. These filters are crafted with Australian-mined RC412 activated carbon and deliver exceptional filtration efficiency and longevity. With a tightly packed and sealed carbon cylinder featuring a vortex cone in the base, maximum transference of impurities is achieved. The Fox Filter offers an affordable and eco-friendly solution compared to other air purifying systems. Extend the lifespan of your filters with the included carbon protective sleeve. Upgrade your hydroponic setup with these top-of-the-line filters for clean and fresh air.

How does this product work?

These Fox Filters utilise the power of Australian-mined RC412 activated carbon, renowned for its superior quality. This carbon is tightly packed and sealed within a high-efficiency airflow cylinder, ensuring optimal air filtration. The vortex cone in the base further enhances the transference of impurities, allowing the filters to effectively eliminate odours, pollutants, and harmful particles from the atmosphere in your hydroponic environment. The result is clean, fresh, and purified air that promotes healthy plant growth.

How do I use this product?

Using these Carbon Filters in your hydroponic setup is straightforward. Connect the filter to your ventilation system, ensuring a secure and airtight fit. The black powder-coated spigot and base provide durability and compatibility with various ducting systems. The filters come with a carbon protective sleeve that helps to extend their lifespan by preventing dust and debris from clogging the carbon. Replace the filters every 9 to 18 months to ensure optimal performance and continued air purification.

Features and Benefits of Using a Fox Carbon Filter in a hydroponic setup:

  • Australian Mined RC412 Activated Carbon: Using high-quality activated carbon mined in Australia ensures exceptional filtration performance, effectively removing odours, impurities, and harmful gases from the air.
  • Machine-Packed Carbon: The carbon within the filters is machine-packed, reducing movement and creating a more compact and efficient carbon bed. This attribute ensures maximum contact and adsorption of pollutants, resulting in cleaner and purer air.
  • Coned Internal Base: The filters feature a coned internal base, optimising airflow and minimising resistance. This design enhances the overall efficiency of the filters, allowing for improved air circulation and filtration.
  • Extended Lifespan: With a 9 to 18 months lifespan, Fox Carbon Filters provide long-lasting air purification. The included carbon protective sleeve adds an extra layer of protection, preventing dust and debris from accumulating and clogging the carbon, thus prolonging the lifespan of the filters.
  • Eco-Friendly and Affordable: Fox Carbon Filters offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution compared to other air purifying systems. Their longevity and efficient filtration make them a sustainable choice for maintaining clean air in your hydroponic garden.

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Upgrade your hydroponic setup with Fox Carbon Filters and enjoy clean, purified air for your plants. With their exceptional filtration capabilities, longevity, and eco-friendly design, these filters provide a reliable solution for maintaining optimal air quality in your hydroponic garden. Experience the difference using Fox Carbon Filters and elevate your growing environment.

How can I buy a Fox Carbon Filter?

You can easily buy a Fox Carbon Filter from our online store by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu above.

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