Mammoth Pro+ Grow Tent

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The Mammoth Pro+ Grow Tent range is a game-changer in hydroponic cultivation. Designed for easy setup and ultimate light efficiency, this line of grow tents offers a versatile environment for indoor gardening. When combined with recommended hydroponic accessories, these tents become part of a scalable and robust indoor cultivation system. Embrace the benefits of enhanced control and maximised yield with the Mammoth Pro+ Grow Tent range. Your route to professional hydroponic gardening starts here.

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Discover Professional Hydroponic Growing with the Mammoth Pro+ Grow Tent

Experience an unrivalled indoor farming journey with the Mammoth Pro+ Grow Tent, the flagship range of professional grow tents. These cutting-edge tents, designed to accommodate various hydroponic setups, are available in multiple model sizes. From a compact 80cm x 80cm x 180cm to an expansive 300cm x 300cm x 200cm, the Mammoth Pro+ caters to all levels of hydroponic enthusiasts.

The Cream of the Crop in Professional Grow Tents

The Mammoth Pro+ range is a favoured option by experts for indoor gardening due to its effectiveness and durability. Its quick and easy assembly, quality jam, and light-proof zippers offer a hassle-free setup process and an ideal growth environment.

These tents incorporate an upgraded 600D Mylar fabric and sturdy 22mm poles and connectors, ensuring the ultimate stability for your hydroponic setup. Large doors allow easy access, while multiple inlets and outlets grant a highly flexible installation.

Features and Benefits of a Mammoth Pro+ Grow Tent in a Hydroponic Setup

  • Outstanding Light Control: You get optimal plant light management thanks to 600D Mylar fabric and light-proof zippers.
  • Robust Framework: Strong, high-quality 22mm poles and connectors provide stability and durability.
  • Convenient Access: Large doors facilitate effortless plant maintenance and harvesting.
  • Versatile Installation: Increased number of inlets and outlets allow for customisable setup.
  • Leak Protection: The waterproof tray captures any leaks, protecting your floor from water damage.

How does this product work?

The Mammoth Pro+ provides an efficient and self-contained environment for your plants. Think of it as an energy-efficient microcosm where every factor is there to benefit your hydroponic crops.

Every facet of the Mammoth Pro+ aims at efficiency. The tent’s light-proof design helps conserve energy by minimising light loss. Inside, the 600D Mylar fabric is a powerful reflector, evenly distributing the light energy from your grow lamps across the plants. It makes the most of every bit of light, promoting optimum crop yield while saving energy.

A grow tent like the Mammoth Pro+ is exceptionally efficient at climate control. It keeps the energy spent on stabilising temperature and humidity within the tent, preventing leakage and, consequently, wastage. It is a closed system that conserves your resources and saves money in the long run.

The Mammoth Pro+ is not only an energy-saver; it’s a protector. Its sealed design acts as a barrier against pests. Spider mites, flies, aphids – none can breach the defences of your grow tent. Your plants will grow in a safe and disease-free environment, saving you the trouble of constantly battling pests.

How do I use this product?

Setting up the Mammoth Pro+ is straightforward. Start by assembling the sturdy 22mm poles and connectors according to the instructions. Once built, you can install your hydroponic system and lighting within the tent.

A standout feature of the Mammoth Pro+ is its versatility. The tent can easily relocate and re-establish virtually anywhere. Consider it a portable grow room, allowing you to take your hydroponic farming wherever you go.

The Mammoth Pro+ doesn’t only keep out pests; it also manages odour. The grow tent can contain the smell within if you’re growing species with a strong scent. You can attach extractor fans or filters to control the smell further and ensure an odour-free environment outside the tent.

Furthermore, the grow tent also excels at air circulation. Fresh air, rich in carbon dioxide, is introduced into the plants. Attach a carbon filter to the venting system to remove the smell from the gases leaving the grow tent while maintaining a steady pressure inside the tent.

Recommended Products

  • SANlight EVO 5-120 LED Grow Light: Designed for efficient energy use, the SANlight EVO 5-120 LED grow light emits a broad spectrum of light perfect for all growth stages. Its high photon output and reduced heat make it a brilliant partner for your Mammoth Pro+. Depending on your grow tent size, you can scale the number of lights needed.
  • LUMii Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets: These rope ratchets can securely hang and adjust your tent’s LED lights and ventilation system. Their heavy-duty design ensures stability, while the easy-to-use mechanism allows precise adjustments, providing adaptability irrespective of your tent size.
  • Phresh Hyperfan V2 Silenced: A silent and effective fan is crucial to your hydroponic setup. The Phresh Hyperfan V2 operates quietly while delivering powerful air circulation. These factors aid in climate control within the Mammoth Pro+, ensuring the most beneficial conditions for your plants. Depending on your tent size, the number of fans can be increased for optimum results.
  • G.A.S White Black Combi Ducting: Ducting is essential for successful ventilation and odour management in your Mammoth Pro+. The G.A.S White Black Combi Ducting reduces noise and restricts light. Its flexible design allows you to customise your setup based on your grow tent size.

Pairing these recommended products with the Mammoth Pro+ ensures the most productive hydroponic setup. All these products are scalable, making them suitable for any tent size. Your plant growth cycle can benefit from a uniform light distribution, optimised air circulation, and effective climate and odour control. The ease of use and their scalable features make these products an excellent investment for beginners and seasoned hydroponic enthusiasts.

For more valuable insights and pro tips on your hydroponic journey, remember to visit our ‘Grow Tips and Advice’ section. A must-read article that could significantly enhance your indoor gardening experience is “Advantages of using a Grow Tent in your Hydroponics System“. Be sure to check it out!

In conclusion, the Mammoth Pro+ is a flagship product for professional hydroponic gardening. It embodies efficiency, versatility, and durability, offering a well-rounded solution for your indoor gardening needs. Its quick and easy assembly, high-quality materials, and light-proof design make it ideal for cultivators looking to optimise their yield and control their growing environment.

How do I buy a Mammoth Pro+ Grow Tent?

You can easily buy your Mammoth Pro+ Grow Tent from our online store by selecting the required model using the drop-down menu above.

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